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Mistakes Women Make While Dating

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Most of the dating sites would have advice for men on how to behave and what to do while dating. What about women? They also need guidance; and they too have concerns and issues about dating.

There are many mistakes that women commit as well - the problem areas might be different but the issue is the same - successful dating.

What Women Should Watch Out For While Dating

Give in too soon - you like a guy very much and when he asks you out you feel on cloud nine. That is great - however, if you want it to continue, do not behave that all your dreams have come true because he asked you on a date.

Men like it when the woman they pursue has self-respect - and he needs to feel that your love is something very precious not something that he can have anytime he asks.

If you show how thrilled you are, it would very likely that he would loose interest in you - or worse treat you as a carpet since he realizes how much power he holds over you.

Playing make-believe - do not project yourself as anyone else no matter how 'cool' that would be.

If your date would be attracted to your projected image rather than yourself, he would definitely end the relationship (if any) when he realizes that you were only pretending to be the person he fell in love with.

Be yourself - in that way you will be assured that your relationship is based on truth.

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Playing hard to get - while it is a mistake to be putty in his hands, the other extreme is as bad. If you are interested in the man who is trying to take you out on a date, let him know that.

Many women think that playing hard to get is something that makes the conquest more thrilling - however, remember if this is a conquest, once it is achieved, the thrill is over, too.

What you should look for is a fair relationship - and dating should be the medium to find a person with whom you are comfortable with. Do not treat dating as a game.

Being too self-centered - men love to dote on women - and that is 'fashionably correct' as well.

However, if the man finds out that the only thing that holds your interest is yourself, he would definitely leave you and move on. It is good to be aware about yourself but not the extent that it becomes an obsession that overshadows everything else.

Showing too much skin - many women confuse attractiveness with sleaziness. While it is great to wear mini skirts and show a bit of cleavage - it is better not to overdo it on your first few dates lest you would send the wrong messages.

Over-dress a little if you normally dress loud (read as showing a lot of skin). Ask a few friends or your mother what she feels about your ensemble if you are not sure.

It is important that you give the right message when you go on a date - the focus should be on the mental match first and physical match, secondary. Hence, you need to keep sexual 'come-hither' signs subdued.

All the best!

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