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Find Out If You Scored With Him

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The most critical of all questions when you start dating is whether you are making an impact or not. Is the relationship worth pursuing or should you drop it? How can you find out whether the man you are dating if impressed with you.

The Tell-Tale Signs

There are many little things that would tell you what you need to know. Pay attention to how he talks, how he behaves when you are around. The following guidelines would interpret his behavior and tell you what you want to know:

The Positive Signs

He keeps staring at you no matter what you do - this is good. This means he cannot get enough of you; he is mesmerized by the way you look and he does not want to loose even a second of it. This definitely means he likes you.

He fidgets when he is around you - he seems to be nervous and fidgety when he is around you. This means he is anxious to make the right impression and he is afraid he would do something that would scare you away.

This is why he would seem tense and nervous when he is with you. This is another sign that he like you.

He is friendly with your close friends - he goes out of his way to become popular with your friends and people you hang out with. This means he wants to be part of your life and share your interests.

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Most of the time this works wonders too, because it is easier to include him in your get-togethers when he is part of your groups of people. This too, means he likes you.

He imitates you - copying is indeed the best form of flattery. When a man likes you, you would notice that he inadvertently copies some of you mannerisms - like the way you hold your pen, the way you talk, what you eat, etc. This too shows that he like you a lot.

The Negative Signs

He dominates the discussion - he keeps on talking about himself non-stop. The only time he stops is when he eats or takes a long breath.

This definitely means that he is not interested in you - he might like you but not for the right reasons and he does not care enough to know you better, or make you comfortable.

He is absent minded - when you are on the date you find him lost in thought, playing with his napkin or accessories or on the cell phone.

This means he is not finding your company interesting enough but he is too polite to tell you so. This is definitely a negative marking.

He is staring - but at other females around you. This is not only bad manners but also a great indicator that you are not interesting enough to keep his attention focused on you.

When a man admires beauty in general is okay - this means he aware of its impact; but when he blatantly stares are other women in your presence it clearly says he does not care much about your feelings.

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