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The Seven Crucial Questions To Ask If Your Sex Drive Is Low

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When a woman experiences low sex drive, it comes as a shocker. Women have been made to believe that only men suffer low libido and that is why it disturbs them when their sex drive take a dip. Well, if you are currently in this situation, you should know that you are not alone. It is also vital for you to understand that your situation is not hopeless. Something can be done to revive your sex drive. However, for this to happen, the root of your predicaments must be established first.

Begin by asking yourself the following seven critical questions.

Am I eating right?

You are what you eat, and that has to do with everything about you including your libido. If you have not been eating a balanced diet, your sexual desire could suffer. Does your diet have libido-boosting foods? These are foods and food items such as dark chocolate, spinach, peppers, ginger, pumpkin seeds, potatoes, bananas and fatty fish among many others. Determine what has been going to your menu and make the necessary changes.

Am I emotionally and mentally stable?

Stress is a common killer of libido. Hormones influence our body functioning in many ways right from our childhood, adolescence, while pregnant, during menopause and beyond. Among the hormones generated by stress is cortisol. Our bodies require small doses of this hormone within short spans of time. As such, if high levels of cortisol are created for an extended period, they suppress the sex hormones. You should know what this leads to low levels of sex hormones translate to low sex drive.

What do I think about myself?

If you have a negative perception of your physical appearance and intellectual capacity, your sex drive will almost always deteriorate. It becomes impossible for you to have sexual thoughts in the first place. Negative body image mostly happens when a woman gains weight. Thankfully, this is something you can change. Engage in physical exercises and adjust your diet accordingly. Also, consider changing your wardrobe even if it means seeking the help of a professional. Enroll in personal development classes. There are many things you can do to help you start feeling good about yourself.

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How is my relationship with my partner?

Have you managed to maintain open communication lines to this end? How much time do you spend together? Do you engage in fun activities with your partner? A good relationship must be well taken care of. It must be cultivated and nurtured. Check if you have neglected your role in the relationship. If yes, do something about it. Great sex life can only happen if you are happy with your partner.

Am I getting enough sleep?

Many people attach little importance to the connection between sleep and their sex drive. A good night sleep helps you feel relaxed and energized. It assists in keeping stress and unnecessary tension out of your life. This way, sexual intercourse will be top on your list of things to do. On the other hand, if you do not get enough sleep say 7-9 hours your sex drive is likely to suffer.

Do I have some alone time?

Are you always working? Are you ever surrounded by people and never have some alone-time? Try setting aside some time aside for meditation. You need to renew your spirits every day or at least every two days. It puts you in the right moods for sex.

What are the contents of my medicine cabinet?

Some prescription medicines and contraceptives are to blame for low sex drive. Examine your medicine cabinet and find out the side effects of its contents. If you suspect that the medicines are the cause of your deteriorated libido, let your doctor know. He or she may have a substitute for the same.

All the best as you seek to understand the cause of your low sex drive and as you look for a solution!

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