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How A Healthy Lifestyle Contributes To Libido

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Several things are to blame for low libido in women. They range from medications and oral contraceptives, bad relationships, fatigue, stress and lifestyle habits. Today, we put our focus on the importance of a healthy lifestyle to your sex drive.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean?

Your diet

The type of food that goes to your plate and eventually to your stomach is a huge determinant of the state of your sex drive. If your libido has been reducing with each passing day, you need to be careful about what you eat. Many people panic when they hear of a diet change. Dont worry. All it will take you is to add a couple of key foods into your diet and remove the bad foods to boost your sex drive and get you back in the right mood for romance.

Some of the best libido-boosting foods include broccoli, cloves, lettuce, eggs (whether poached, fried, scrambled or deviled the way you like), dark chocolate, and ginger. Coffee is allowed as well but remember to take it in moderation. If you wish to include a supplement, consider ginseng it will significantly revive your sex drive. As far as fruits are concerned, eat a lot of watermelon and bananas. Stay clear of junks such as processed baked foods. In general, always eat a balanced diet. Eat healthy portions of vitamins, proteins, and carbs.

Regular physical exercises

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When was the last time you engaged in a morning or evening jog, walk or run? When was the last time you hit the gym? How active is your life? You should know that inactivity can kill your libido. Engaging in physical exercises promotes proper flow of blood which has a direct impact on your sex drive.

You need to get off that couch and get active. Take a walk, jog, or run. Just make sure that you are sweating it out on a regular basis. Exercises also help you shake off stress and anxiety that has the potential to affect your sex drive. When you are happy and in good moods, your sexual arousal heightens and so does your sex drive.

Stay clear of alcohol and cigarettes

As good as alcohol and cigarettes make you feel, just know that they are getting in your way as far as your libido is concerned! If you did not have enough motivation to quit, now you do. Alcohol decreases your sexual sensitivity. Prolonged consumption of alcohol makes women experience reduced lubrication and difficulty getting an orgasm, and if they do, they are not as intensified as those of women who do not drink.

A woman who has problems climaxing may want to stay away from sexual intercourse, and this is usually the beginning of lost sexual desire. If you intend to bear children now or in the near future, avoid alcohol like plaque it suppresses your fertility.

A cigarette is compared to a small chemical factory that is on fire. Each time you smoke, a wide variety of toxic chemicals with adverse influence on all the single cells in your body, are released. Women feel these adverse effects in their sexual performance. Cigarette smoking leads to female sexual dysfunctions such as decreased libido. It even interferes with your sexual arousal. Quit this lousy habit and witness massive enhancements to every aspect of your performance in the bedroom and other areas of your life.

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