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Middle-Aged Women: This Is How To Get Your Sex Drive Back

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A good number of women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are always wondering where their appetite for sex went? Loss of sexual desire is common pre and post-menopause. Problems of this nature usually peak when a woman is between 35 and 64 years old.

However, why are things like this? You must already be wondering. It is mainly because a lot is happening. The changing hormones may result in spontaneous desire or the sudden cravings for sex to plunge. However, the director of Women Health Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Stephanie Faubion, MD, warns against putting all the blame on hormones.

According to Stephanie, receptive desire (getting sexually aroused when your partner makes the first move) doesnt go away. This is particularly true if issues associated with your body, mind, and relationships do not get in the way of your ability to be sexually stimulated.

Now, what is the solution for low sex drive for the middle-aged woman? The first step lies in determining the cause then pursuing the most appropriate course of action. Let us consider some of the possible causes of low sex drive in pre and postmenopausal women and the most practical solution.

Vaginal dryness, painful or uncomfortable intercourse and other hormonal problems

There is nothing good, sweet or enjoyable about painful or uncomfortable sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness leads to painful intercourse, and this ultimately reduces a womans desire to engage in sex in the first place. If your doctor establishes that vaginal dryness is the cause of your low libido, he or she will recommend viable solutions such as the best and safest lubricants available in the market. Water and silicone based lubricants are mostly preferred as far as reducing friction is concerned.

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Your gynecologist will recommend medicine for severe cases of vaginal dryness. Ask him or her about the use of vaginal moisturizers. He or she may also prescribe low dose vaginal estrogen either in the form of a cream, ring or suppository. While hormone therapy may not revive your sexual desire, it helps in easing night sweats, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms that make you feel less sexy. Lastly, dont stay for too long without engaging in sex. Regular sexual intercourse encourages the increased flow of blood which goes a long way in reducing vaginal dryness.

Stress, anxiety, and depression

A middle-aged woman is busier than ever. She is deep into her marriage, taking care of her children and aged parents and at the same time, at a critical stage in her career (where she is pursuing higher ranks) or business. With all these things to take care of not mentioning the need to strike a balance stress is almost inevitable. When she is stressed up, sex will be the last thing on her mind.

Reevaluate your life and the things that take the most of your time. Do not neglect your relationship with your partner. Start making plans for dates and lovemaking. Rather than just focus purely on sex, pay more attention to the importance of spending time together. Include romantic aspects such as foreplay, oral and massage and so on.

Physical health conditions and psychological factors

Menopause results in physical changes such as graying hairs, weight gain, and dry skin. These changes are likely to make you feel less sexy. Common health problems such as chronic pain, bladder problems, underactive thyroid and side effects of medications may also be to blame for lost sex drive.

A thorough medical checkup should help determine if medical conditions are the cause of low libido. Also, set aside time to care for your body. Get time to relax and meditate. Always get enough sleep preferably seven to nine hours. Most importantly, love yourself and embrace physical changes as they happen. Eat right and engage in regular physical exercises to boost your physical appearance and decelerate aging signs.

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