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Spark Your Passion With Female Libido Tonic

In a hurry to enhance your libido?
Top Female Libido Enhancer Pills
Top Gels/Oils/Creams


Get to enjoy life to the fullest. Did you know that you can reward yourself with amorous sexual activity well into your sunset years? It’s hard to fathom this situation but it’s definitely possible. As a woman, the most dreaded phase of life is during the middle ages. At this time, menopause – with all its negative effects comes knocking. However, this duration should offer you complete emancipation - being financially stable, children all grown-ups and gone as well as having much free time.

For many women, however, this is the phase where intimacy and sexual encounters are shunned. Even thinking about it elicits only pain and anguish. Even though this is the reality for many women, you should never experience the same. Why so? Because there is a cure for this stressful experience and the solution is the female libido tonic.

How does it function?

Understanding menopause is very difficult. Even when you seek the solution, it tends to affect different individuals differently. Therefore, your best friend’s experiences may not necessarily be similar to your experiences. However, the female libido tonic is superb at its work. Not only does it tackle the underlying effects of sexual dysfunctions, it also creates the right body mood to engage in sex.

The tonic's main natural active ingredients comprise agents that have been tried and tested for centuries. The manufacturing process is also quite stringent, incorporating special formulations designed as a drinkable high potent cocktail.

How does it influence your libido?

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The ingredient comprises a number of combinations that work both individually and collectively to generate the spark needed to trigger your libido.

MuiraPuaman stem: This tree bark has been consumed in the Central Americas for centuries. It highly potent properties increase libido in women. It acts by increasing blood flow into the female sex organs. The heightened stimulation wets the vulva and triggers sensation around the pelvis area results in high libido.

Chinese Ginseng: This supplement has been used from the ancient oriental times as a sex stimulant. When consumed, it increases metabolism which facilitates alertness and improved sexual drive. By dilating the bloodstream heading to the vagina, it allows more blood flow to organs, making your genitals aroused and ripe for intercourse.

Ginger rhizome: Ginger contains the gingerol compounds. This ingredient is known for its anti-oxidation properties that are essential in subduing the free radical that causes inflammation. Other benefits of ginger include remedies to muscle tissue arches, boosts energy and vigor, promotion of tissue recovery, pacifying headaches and calming gastro-intestinal tissues. All these remedies work well to reinvigorate the libido, setting ideal condition for lovemaking.

Ceylon Cinnamon bark: Ever since time immemorial, cinnamon has been known to contain ingredients stimulating sexual appetite. Low libido caused by complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes and low energy is effectively eradicated by this wonderful spice. Further, cinnamon facilitates the dilation of the uterus, leading to increased blood flow to this area and as a result, delivers an increased appetite for a sexual encounter. Where hormonal imbalance is prevalent, this substance works in correcting the hormones to heighten your libido.

Other ingredients: Minor ingredients are organic grain alcohol, water and vegetable glycerine. These are necessary to increase the absorption of the key ingredient and relax the mind. Even though they form a minor portion of the tonic, they blend to increase the potency of the main compounds.

Therefore, you no longer have to moan how your sex life has been negatively impacted. Simple gulp the recommended portion of your libido enhancing tonic and let your partner know that he is needed for some thrilling adventure.

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