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Is it Natural for Women to have Difficulty having Orgasms?

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Many women go through life thinking that there is something wrong with them sexually.

There really is nothing wrong with them. This is a normal thing for a woman to experience.

It is said that almost one third of women have a problem reaching an orgasm and almost two thirds have problems having an orgasm with a partner.

This is a problem and it can be caused for many different reasons. There is a great deal of women that are worried about why they cannot climax.

It is a fact that unlike males, many women have to learn how to have an orgasm. Men tend to be more visual where women need more hands on. That is why many couples find it is very important to have a certain amount of foreplay before actual intercourse begins. 

It has been shown in research that many younger women will not be able to climax in till later on in life after they have started sexual activity. It is also been said that when they actually do "cum" for the first time, it can happen in many different ways.

The study showed that at least 47% of women climaxed for their first time while masturbating. The study also showed that 32% of women had their first climax while during sexual intercourse. 20% climaxed from just petting and a whopping 1% climaxed while sleeping.

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So you see women can have an orgasm in many different ways, so their first time may not actually be with a partner. In the same survey it was found that 18 years old was the most common age for a female to have an orgasm while at the same time it showed some women may not have one until they're in their late 40s.

So it really varies from woman to woman. With all of that being said it is no wonder that many feel that there are problems with their sex life when their woman does not climax like they think they should.

Thankfully there are a few things that men can do to help the situation along. Men need to remember that most women need that foreplay. They need a man to actually stimulate their clitoris.

This is the actual part on woman that would've turned into a penis had she turned out to be a man and this may help men understand why that part of her body is just as important as a penis is too a guy.

It is important for a man to try to turn a woman on in the early stages of sex as this will help when trying to reach the ultimate outcome. Romance, love and cuddling all provide a good atmosphere which will help turn a woman on. Women like a man that will take their time.

So a man could take his time and explore the woman's body by caressing her and fondling her. There are even some women who learned to have an orgasm just from being caressed and fondled alone.

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