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How Much Sex Is Necessary For Leading A Happy Life

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Many people often want to know, how much sex is considered as normal. However, it is difficult to answer this simple question. Every couple has their own level of libido based on their age, health, sex drive and also the mutual relationship between them. Therefore, there is nothing like normal sex as such.

Usually, such questions arise when the libido between the partners is mismatched. Sometimes, she may be interested to have sex 4 times in a week and he prefers only once or twice. However, it does not really reflect the amount of love between them. Sometimes, it may be difficult to get a partner having equal libido.

If the couple has mismatched libido then the partner with more sex drive will usually remain frustrated. He or she may not always like to make their first move. On the other hand, the partner having low sex drive may feel pressured and as a result, there may not be any sex life between the couple. In such situation, the couple must have schedule sex, so that both the partners remain at least partly satisfied.

What does the research report say?

According to research report following are the sexual activities observed based on age group:

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Age Group (in years)

Average number of sex in a year

18 to 29


30 to 39


40 to 49


Depending upon the libido level of each partner, the sex level may vary from one person to another. However, happy couple does not mean those who are having more sex, but those having good quality sex. It doesn’t matter whether they have daily sex or once in a month. At the end of the day, people must be fully satisfied after having sex.

Sexual intercourse is not the only measure of libido

You should not consider libido based on the sexual intercourse. Many other activities can also fall under the category of libido such as genital touching, oral sex, mutual masturbation or affectionate touching like cuddling, holding hands, kissing, caressing etc. Both women as well as men get immense amount of sexual satisfaction from these activities.

Is frequent sex making the couple happier?

A number of experts have conducted research on this question whether the couple is happier with having more amount of sex. It has been found that if the frequency of sex is higher, then people tend to be happier, as compared to those, who are having less frequency of sex.

Also it has been found that if a couple knows that they are having less sex than others then they tend to be unhappy. People will be happier, if they know that they are having more sex than others.

In any case, if a couple is having less than 10 times sex in a year then they should be considered as sexless couple. However, less sex does not mean that they are unhappy couple either. However, a number of divorce cases, disappointment and detachment were also reported due to lack of sex.

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