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Why Most Of The Women Have Problem With Their Libido

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These days, many women complain about low libido. The researchers have conducted various studies on this subject to analyze the problem. The present day lifestyle is considered to be one of the main reasons for low libido among young women. Besides this problem, many women also complain about adrenal fatigue or low energy, menstrual difficulties, fertility problem etc.

If you happen to be a woman and suffering from any of the above problem then it is essential that you must take care about your diet and also change your mind set on several matters. Many women have increased their libido by changing their lifestyle and if you are one among them then it is high time to take note of this fact.

Now, let us see, the various reasons, which are responsible for this problem. Women who experience low libido are usually in the age group of 20 - 40 years.

Over working

Most of the women todau are busy with various work schedules at their professional as well as personal lives. Due to this reason, most of the women are overtaxed. The girls in the age group of 20s, who are working in creative field, need to put in a lot of hard work to sustain themselves in their profession.

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However, the compensation they get is not on par with their effort. Even those women, who are getting higher compensation, need to put lots of effort and hence they are usually overstressed. Due to such constant pressure both mentally as well as physically, their adrenal glands are affected, which reduces the sexual drive considerably. As the stress level increases, the juicy sex hormone reduces and as a result, they lose appetite for sex.

Medication related to birth control and other reasons

Most of the women these days, take various pills to relieve their stress and also prevent their pregnancy. Due to these reasons, there is an imbalance created in the hormones. Due to various side effects of different kinds of medications, their sexual drive is also being badly affected.

It is therefore necessary that women must regularly consult their doctors along with their sexual partners, so that they can get necessary support from both of them. It is better to depend less on the birth control pills, as they can seriously affect a woman’s libido.

Masculine energy dynamics

Most of the women are doing exceedingly well in their professional field and hence they have become the primary breadwinner of the family. In order to compete in their profession they often need to release their masculine energy, so that they can excel in their field. This has made them much stronger professionally, but weak in their bedroom. It is very difficult to turn them on during sexual encounter after hectic work schedule. Many women fail to do the balancing act in their profession and in the bedroom. If a woman is in relationship then her behaviour will also undergo a change once she is back from the work environment.

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