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Few Reasons Why Women Show Disinterest In Sexual Intimacy

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It is quite common for women to suffer from fluctuation in sexual desires at some point in their life. The good news is that for most of the women, it is not a permanent disorder and can be easily treated. However, while facing low libido issues, women have low self-esteem, as it becomes constant source of irritation and they have trouble emotionally too.

Sociologic issues faced by women resulting in low libido:

  • Problems in relationship with spouse or partner play havoc, which affects normal sexual drive.
  • Gaining weight or other issues may lead to inferiority complex. They might get a feeling that they will be not appreciated by the opposite sex, so naturally it dampens their libido.
  • A victim of sexual exploitation like molestation also results in sexual dysfunction.
  • Women are shy in nature. They suppress their sexual urges for a long time, which leads to fluctuation in libido.

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Malfunctioning in the body plays havoc in reducing sexual desire in women:

  • Drop in estrogen level: Reduction in estrogen hormone results in low sexual desire. It may occur due to menopause or other biological reasons. Other sexual hormones such as testosterone and progesterone are also reduced leading to dryness in genitals. Pain, bleeding in vaginal parts and unable to reach climax are general symptoms of fluctuation in hormones.
  • Pregnancy and post pregnancy: Becoming mother is a wonderful and most rewarding experience. In many cases, the new mother feels less inclined towards sex. This may be due to changes occurring in the hormone level.
  • Physical unfitness: Women suffering from major ailments and undergoing treatment fall prey to low libido. Diabetes, cancer and heart diseases dampen sexual desire.
  • Exhaustion: Low energy level due to anemia, unbalanced diet and insomnia, all lead to low sex drive. Fatigue is a hindrance to enjoy the pleasures in life.
  • Stress and tension: It is a proven fact that women are more inclined to feel stress than men do. Even a slight disturbance in their life may lead to sleepless nights. Naturally, finding pleasure during sexual intimacy is not on a woman’s agenda. Hormone fluctuation also causes bad temper, disinterest in life and dampens their spirit due to which they are always tensed and stressed.

How to increase appetite for sexual activity

Women can opt for many solutions to increase their sexual drive. They can consult sex therapist or gynecologist, who is sure to help them. Relaxation of mind is quite necessary to enjoy sex with their partner. Therefore, joining yoga classes, doing regular exercises, sufficient sleep and eating balanced food is necessary to bring back enjoyment in sexual life.

Natural herbal medicines and Ayurvedic treatment will surely reduce complaints such as lack of arousal. Testosterone therapies also help to revive your sex drive in less time period. It will be beneficial to stop drinking excess alcohol. Include energy-stimulating supplements in your diet.

Female impotence is a common problem, but it can be rectified with little care, patience and by following advice of your physician or sex therapist.

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