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Female Libido Killers

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Top Female Libido Enhancer Pills
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Libido hormones play a vital role in keeping both men and women aroused during sexual activity. However, there are certain things that mainly affect the release of these hormones, which in turn cause a major blow in the sex life of a couple.

Some of the causes for low sexual desire are usually minor, which will be automatically rectified by the body system after few days or weeks. Some major factors cannot be easily rectified by the body and requires external assistance. Here are some of the factors that might affect the libido.

Disorders or Illness or other such Health Related Issues

There are many medical causes that play a key role in damaging the healthy organ system that help the body of females in releasing libido sex hormones. Some are listed below.


When women undergo hysterectomy (surgically removing the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes from the body), their body system becomes vulnerable. The removal of sex organs sometimes affects women negatively. The time required by the body to reset after this surgical procedure is quite longer. There are certain possibilities that women may experience lower or complete loss of sex drive after this procedure.


Thyroid glands of throat related issues always affect the normal functioning of the hormonal system. The sex drive will be automatically reduced in women even from the minor variations in the release of thyroid glands.

Drug Abuse

Women with the habit of drug abuse or prescribed medications often find low or nil sex drive. Even though the temporary effects from the drugs may include increased interest in sexual activities in females, the after effects often result in affecting their sex hormone production. This may even result in completely shutting down the libido production.

Some such drugs include,

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  • Ecstasy: This drug is best known to throw the level of libido production off-the-charts in females at that particular time interval. However, the after effects often result in reducing the sex drive.

  • Marijuana: This drug is rich with depressants that can directly affect the production of libido in females, on a long run.

  • Opiates such as Cocaine and Seroin: These drugs have the tendency to gradually reduce the sexual desire and can also cause vaginal dryness. Even though these opiates can enhance the confidence and mood in women, it is always suggested to not get stoned before sexual activities.

    Prescribed Drugs and Medications

    There are many such prescribed drugs that can cause serious effect on the sex drive. Some of them are listed below.

    Blood Pressure Medications

    Women suffering from low or high BP level usually are prescribed with some medications that can restrict the body’s hormonal system from normal functioning. However, physicians suggest certain medications that can successfully counter attack the problem.


    Antidepressants with special type of chemical structure have the capacity to enhance libido production in females. However, there are certain commonly preferred types of medications that can cause serious effect on the sex drive of the users.

    Regularly following certain dosage of Contraceptive Tablets or Birth Control Pills can also cause severe effect on libido in women.

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