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Know About The Factors Affecting Libido Production During Menopause

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Loss Of Libido FAQs

When women reach their 40s or so, they go through the stage of menopause. The homeostasis of women varies from one another, which make their body conditions to respond in a different way for this important change in their life. One such body conditions are the variations in the release of libido.

Women often suffer from intimacy problems with their partners while going through the stage of menopause. This may be because of both physical and psychological related issues. However, studies have shed light on the fact that 85 to 90% women from all around the globe often experience less sexual desire due to the abnormal or unhealthy release of the hormones that are mainly responsible for balancing sex life.

What Exactly Is This Condition Of Loss Of Libido?

Libido hormones are one of the drives in the body of human beings that are mainly responsible for their healthy sex life. The abnormal release of this hypoactive hormone directly affects the sexual interest and thereby causes different intimacy related issues between the couples.

What Is The Relationship Between Loss Of Libido And Menopause?

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When women undergo menopause, their sexual desire automatically lessens due to inadequate release of libido. However, this is a temporary problem since the healthy release of sexual desire enhancers will be automatically reset within few weeks.

What Are The Factors Responsible For Unhealthy Release Of Libido?

There are many factors, which play key role in reducing the release of sexual desire enhancers. One of the reasons may be due to the imbalance in the release of necessary orgasm inhibitors in the body of women during menopause.

The important female sex hormones such as progesterone, estrogens and androgens play a key role in enhancing the sexual desires in females. During menopause, the overall volume in the release of these hormones will be lessened, which in turn affects the sexual arousal of women during intimate activities.

Some of the commonly seen health issues such as heart problems, Blood pressure and diabetes, etc, require using medications on daily basis in the long run. Other health related problems such as chronic disorders, vaginal dryness, pain-related issues, anaemia, hysterectomy, etc, and some psychological issues such as stress and strain, aging related concerns, depression, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, unhealthy feelings about sex, etc, can also cause negative impact on sexual desires.

How To Get Back Lost Sexual Desire By Restoring Libido?

Even though our body mechanism has the capacity to reset the healthy release of libido, there are many ways to bring the body back to the normal functioning phase, after undergoing menopause. Some of them include,

  • Following some techniques that can help you in reducing stress related issues such as meditation, yoga, visualization, etc.
  • Following healthy diet by including some organic or fresh food supplements, etc.
  • Enhancing body movements by following exercise routine, cycling, running, jogging, etc.
  • Having healthy conversation with your partners or even with the experienced experts can be quite useful. This can help your mind to ward off unwanted burden, which in turn can do wonders on your body homeostasis.

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