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Are There Any Herbs To Decrease The Female Libido?

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Can Certain Herbs Decrease the Female Libido?

There are many herbs available in the market that could decrease female libido or have side effects on your libido. These herbs are also known as anaphrodisiacs. Basically these herbs are meant to cure a disease or symptoms of the disease. As their side effect, they sometimes decrease your libido. Read on to know about these herbs.

Some of the herbs are-

  • Roots of the licorice plant
  • Vitex herb from the chaste tree
  • Water lily or the nymphea

Do females want to lower down their sexual desire?

Females obviously do not want to lower down their sex drive. Studies states that most of the females love to have high sex drive and embrace their sexual desire. Sex and our hormones are part of our body and denying them will obviously cause us problems.

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Chaste Tree

Vitex or the chaste tree is one of the most common herbs used to treat many medical conditions. This tree is grown in the dry areas like western Asia and Europe. The main function of this commonly available herb is to stabilize the female as well as the male hormones.

How does water lily affect the sexual desire?

The other name for nymphea odarata is water lily. This herb has medicinal properties to treat many diseases. It is a brilliant antiseptic and astringent. Moreover, it is known to cure problems like irritable bowels. Although it is a very effective herb, there can be a few side effects for some. Thus, it is recommended that you consult your physician and find out if it is ok for you to take it, considering your present health condition.

Harmful effects of licorice plant

The roots of licorice plants have amazing medicinal properties. The roots are also known as glycyrrizha glabra. The medicine generated from the roots is effective to decrease your sex drive. The roots contain few components that negatively affect the production of testosterone hormones. According to the study in the University of California, only 25 grams of this herb extract could inhibit the production of sex hormone and hence slow down your sex desire.

Carissa Carandas L.

Have you heard about the apocynaceae plant? Bengal current or the cassia carandas herb is derived from this unique plant. This herb has magical properties to cure the life threatening disorders like the liver dysfunction. Besides this, it is known to cure diseases like scabies, anorexia, diarrhea etc. however the Indian Medicinal Plants Growers’ Consortium reported that it is a strong anaphrodesiac.

Be patient and calm

However, your love for your partner will certainly not be affected by these herbs. What you could do is spend maximum time with your partner and tell them how much you love them. Your partner will obviously understand your problem and make the things much easier for you.

Other treatments to suppress your interest

Besides these natural herbs, there are various hormonal treatments, which could suppress the women’s sexual desire. Progesterone is an effective hormonal treatment that will suppress your sexual interest. This treatment is not accompanied by any side effect. However, before proceeding ahead with this treatment, it is better to consult your doctor.

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