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Dealing With Painful Intercourse after Child Birth

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Having sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. However, females might have low sexual desire after pregnancy or due to stress or many other reasons. Sometimes your partner could get really hurt while having sex. She might experience problems like vulvar pain or low libido issues. Due to these problems, she might avoid intimacy. Here are some ways, which will help you to cope up with all of these issues quite easily.

What do women think about painful sex?

According to the researches and various reports, women have found some temporary ways to deal with the issue. Some of them avoid having the sexual intercourse while some of them mentally prepare themselves for this torture. Most of them also avoid things like kissing or oral sex as it will ultimately lead to intercourse.

These results are certainly not surprising. Since the beginning, many women face discomfort and pain. However, they do not discuss this with their partners and suffer this pain silently. Most of them believe that as they grow older, having sex becomes quite painful. Some of them also believe that there is no such solution to avoid pain in intimacy.

If you are having painful intercourse, it will surely affect your relationship. Here are few ways, which might help you to have painless sex-

  • Having sex when you are feeling your best

  • Consult a trustworthy therapist

  • Talk to your partner about having sex

  • Finding out new alternatives to sex

  • Take proper sleep

  • Eat well and think well

  • Give yourself some time

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    Consulting a therapist

    If you are having painful sex, you must consult an efficient therapy or sexologist who could provide you the best ways to intimate without being hurt. You could easily communicate with them about your sexual interests and desires. Besides this, they will help you to deal with your depression.

    Check out the alternatives to sex

    In case the sex has become simple intolerable for you, you could find out better alternatives to intercourse. There are many outer course techniques, which might help you to reach orgasm. You could ask your partner to rub his genitals between your breasts or thighs. Besides this, they could rest their genitals above your pubic area to arouse interest.

    Best thing about these alternatives are they are certainly not painful. Other ways are watching sex videos with your partner, cuddling, sharing sexual fantasies with your partner, read erotica with him and many other ways. You could try out new things and experiment. With these ways, you could easily enjoy each other’s bodies and fulfil your interests.

    Will treatments and surgeries help?

    If possible, you could plan sex beforehand. You could have sex when you are feeling your best to avoid pain. You could have bladder instillation therapy and few physical therapies before having sex. Various topical creams and oral medications are available in the market to provide you temporary relief. Once you feel better, you could ask your partner to have sex.

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