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Tips To Increase Female Libido After Pregnancy

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It is very emotional and joyous time to greet the newborn baby after nine long months. Unfortunately, there will be a drastic drop in mother's sexual desire. While most couples adjust to their new life around their baby, few others follow the below mentioned steps to get back their normal sex life:

  • Consult a good experienced doctor

  • Deal with issues like fatigue

  • Do not take too much pressure. Talk to your partner and share your feelings

  • Prepare yourself for sex

  • Try using a good lubricant

Talk to a good experienced doctor

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Initially, you must visit a good doctor. You must not hesitate to communicate with them. Talk to them about low libido issues. You could ask them why you are facing such problems after child birth. You could ask as many questions as you want about your sex life. These experts are the right individuals to console you and reassure you that it is normal issue common in many females.

Dealing with fatigue

You might feel fatigue during these days. It is better to deal with this issue in the best possible manner. While taking care of your baby, you might not get proper sleep during the night. If possible you could take nap in noon. If you are sleep deprived you will not be able to have an enjoyable sex.

Do not take too much pressure. Talk to your partner and share your feelings

If you have any kind of pressure in your mind you must deal with it. You could talk to your spouse about your sexual drive. You have to remember that like you he is also a new parent. He might be facing emotional issues in his life. You could handle the problem quite carefully. What you could do is reassure him that you are trying to arouse your sexual interests.

How to prepare yourself for sex

You could prepare for sex. Before having intercourse, you could have a glass of wine or take a hot water bath to relieve your stress, so that you can have an enjoyable sex. There are many other ways to distress you. You could select the way that suits you the best. It is an effective remedy to transform you from mommy mode to a lover.

Try using a good lubricant

Once you have given birth to a child, intercourse could be really painful. To avoid such pain you could use an effective lubricant. This remedy will make you feel more comfortable and hence ease your intercourse. This lubricant is easily available in the market at reasonable prices. You could also search for a nice lubricant online. While buying it, do not compromise on the quality.

You must not avoid having sex. Be it any reason you must have sex. If you ignore it you will lose it. Even if you are not interested or not in a mood, just have it. Hopefully, the above mentioned tips will help you to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

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