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Know In Detail about Female Sex Organs

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The Human Vagina And Other Female Anatomy

Learning about the anatomical features of female genitals can always serve as the best way to come up with some sexual functions that can help you keep your partner happy. Here is a detailed anatomy of female sex organs such as Vulva, Uterus and Vagina.

The Vulva

Vulva is the actual part of the body that is visible to the naked eye. This is the genital region that is found in between the anus and the mons pubis. It is comprised of many other parts that play a key role in sexual activities.

  • The outer layer of vulva is lined with lips like structure known as clitoris. This is the region that is considered as the most sensitive one in the whole of female genital organ system.
  • Next to clitoris is the urethra that is followed by vestibule. Vestibule is the region that proceeds till vagina. The vestibule is covered with another layer that is known as hymen.

When the sexual desire of women is at its peak or when she is aroused, the vestibular bulbs that are found next to the vaginal opening will be filled with blood, which makes them swell and become enlarged. Other parts such as clitoris also become bulgy due to enhanced sexual excitement in women.

The Uterus and the Cervix

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The cervix is the area that serves as the door to the uterus. When women ovulate, this region will be filled with mucus like solution that will be changed, according to the date of egg release in the form of menstrual cycle. When the egg is formed, the layer of uterus will be lined with abundant supply of mucus in order to make it easier for the sperms to easily enter the area and reach the egg.

When the date of ovulation completes, the lining of mucus on the walls of the uterus becomes impenetrable to the sperms. They automatically become rough, rigid, sticky and cloudy in order to restrict the unnecessary entry of sperms.

The uterus is the region that serves as the womb for the foetus to stay protected and to grow healthily inside it.

Fallopian Tubes and the Ovaries

Ovary is the region where the single egg that is released will be safely stored till the date when the ovulation completes. This region is connected to series of tubes also known as fallopian tubes. Every woman will be born with more than 200,000 eggs in the ovary. However, when she reaches her puberty, the number of the eggs may gradually decrease to 400 or so.

The Vagina

The vagina is the main sex organ that differentiates women from men. This is actually a muscular and hollow tube like structure that opens to the vestibule and is continued till cervix. The outer layer of this hollow tube is lined with both connective tissue system and muscular tissue system.

The vaginal layers are differentiated into the mucosa layer, along with muscular and connective tissue layers. The mucosa layer is the region from where the mucus like solution is released during sexual intercourse, in order to help the easy movement of male sex organ.

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