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List Of Spices That Work As the Best Medicine Against Low Sex Drive

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Spices To Boost Sex Drive In Men And Women

For a couple to lead a healthy and happy life there are many qualities that play vital role in many aspects. Understanding one another, showing compassion and love, caring for each other, etc, are some of the qualities. However, the major factor required for a couple to lead a healthy life is the sexual desire from both the sides.

Both men and women often suffer from low sex drive due to the release of inadequate amount of sex hormones such as androgens, estrogens and also libido hormones. Such issues can always cause a serious blow on the marital life of the couples.

There are many herbal spices, which might come in handy in restoring the lost libido related issues and they are listed below.


Also known as Red Capsicum, Cayenne is mainly used by many industries, which manufacture the drugs and pills that can help both men and women revitalize their body energy.

Human body system works healthily only if necessary volume of blood carrying nutrients is pumped into it. When the organic supplements from cayenne enter your blood vessels, they start diluting the blood cells. This feature makes it easier for the sex organs to receive sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients through blood vessels.

Clove Oil

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Clove oil is known as the wonderful booster of sex drive. The main supplements present in this oil works mainly on enhancing the internal temperature of the sex organs, which in turn triggers excess production and release of sex hormones. Intake of clove oil along with hot chocolate or coffee can offer best results.

Indian Spikenard

Also known as, Jatmansi, this Indian spice has higher tendency to restore the lost libido in both men and women. The organic supplements present in this spice when enters the blood stream, it starts working on the memory cells and the nervous system. The restoration of brain cells and the nervous system play a key role in helping the sex glands to reactivate the lost libido production in the sex organs.


Basil is one of the well known aphrodisiacs. The companies that produce herbal supplements for revitalizing the lost energy and sex drive mainly focus on employing the wonderful features of this spice.

Basil works its magic on issues such as mental illness, poor memory, fatigue, depression, stress, etc. It also acts as blood thinner that can make the blood vessels easily supply the necessary nutrients to the genitals. This will not only restore the lost libido, but also can cure erectile dysfunction and other such problems.


This is one of the spices that are mainly used in enhancing the taste of different cuisines that are prepared all around the globe. This aromatic spice has higher tendency to boost the sex drive in both men and women since it mainly works on soothing the nervous system as per the required body temperature.


Garlic is the best-known supplement that is mainly used as the fat burner. Besides being the best diet supplement, this spice is rich in the organic ingredients that can successfully boost the sex drive of both men and women.

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