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Looking For Herbs To Enhance Sex Drive During Menopause - Here Are Some Names

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When women go through their menopause, one of the important stages in their life, their physical and psychological mind will be thrown off balance. They often feel psychologically traumatized due to this important change in their life. It is also the stage when they suffer from low sex drive.

There are many herb supplements that are used in enhancing the sex drive in women, who are going through menopause. Here are some tips that might come in handy during such conditions.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is actually a type of tree that is grown in some special areas such as South-eastern locations in US, West Indies and Florida. Urinary tract related health issues in men are often treated with this herb supplement. It is also used in manufacturing the drugs that can work its charm in enhancing sex drive in both men and women.

There is a special type of chemical supplement that is richly found in Saw Palmetto herb. This chemical supplement is best known to reset the unhealthy libido producing organ system in the body of both the sexes. When the chemical supplement was first discovered from this herb, belonging to particular type of plant family, it was mainly used in manufacturing the breast enlargement pills and other such supplements.


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Ginseng is an Asian root that is employed from many centuries for its medicinal supplements. It was first discovered in the Chinese province and has been widely used as the herbal stress reliever and also as the painkiller.

Ginseng is used in enhancing the sex drive of both men and women since it is rich in chemical supplements that can offer helping hand for the blood circulation and hormonal system. The chemical supplements directly act on the hormonal system and thereby enhance the production of healthy sex hormones such as libido, androgens, estrogens, etc.


Fenugreek is a type of aphrodisiac that is rich in plant supplements. The leaf resembles the shape of the foot of a bird and hence it is also named as bird’s foot. Discovered in the Greek province, this herbal supplement is mainly used in curing many health issues including enhanced production of sex hormones.

This herb is mainly used for its anti-inflammation, soothing and antiseptic qualities and is employed in manufacturing many herbal remedies for many health issues. It is also used in rescaling the menstrual problems back to normal and also in enhancing the production of breast milk in women, who have given birth recently.


Damiana is a type of shrub that is found abundantly growing in certain regions in South America. After the flowers are bloomed, the plant roots stem and leaves are dried in order to retain its medicinal purposes. It is then either powder dried or directly mixed with the other ingredients that are used in manufacturing the revitalizing herbal solutions.

Damiana is mainly used in keeping the health of the reproductive organ system in check in both men and women. The shrub is also used in restoring nervous exhaustion, mental and physical weakness, depression, etc.

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