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The Main Causes for Loss of Libido in Women - Here Are Some Factors

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Beware Of These 5 Low Sex-Drive Factors In Women

Low sex drive or no interest in sexual activities is one of the major problems that couples suffer from these days. Are you one of them, who do not find it exciting to enjoy physical relationship with your partner, then here are some reasons that can explain to you about the actual causes of this problem.

Crisis that usually Pop up in the Relationship

When everything is running normal and smoothly, both men and women feel excited or aroused every time they think about warding off the unwanted stress through sexual activities. However, this will not be the same with couples, especially in women if their relationship boat is already half-filled with water and is on its way to drown in the nearby future.

Women often find it difficult to differentiate between their sex life and emotional trauma and always end up locking both the matters in a single box. Even though their partners come to understand the actual state of the women’s mind in the initial stages, extra dragging of emotional crisis often, end up bringing major problems even from the minor issues.

Most of the time women often find it difficult to be as much aroused as men. This makes them cranky and they do not agree to share the bed with their partners. Such conditions are commonly seen in women, who work in a stressful environment.

Unhealthy Diet

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Following unhealthy diet to reduce body weight can cause serious blow on the libido production in woman. It might also sometimes affect the healthy production of female sex hormones such as estrogens, testosterones, etc, which in turn lowers their sexual desire.

Medications such as Injections and Pills

Women often follow regular dosage of certain prescribed medications such as antidepressants, mood enhancers, birth control pills, hormonal injections, etc. Such medications may offer successful results, but can directly affect the libido production and result in lowering the production of hormones.

Birth control pills restrict unwanted or unplanned pregnancies by preventing ovulation cycle. However, continuous consumption of birth control pills can often end up in preventing ovulation cycle, which is the actual time when the sexual desire of women will be at its peak. Studies have shown that most of the contraceptive tablets available in the market today can kill the sex drive in females.

Lower Self-esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the main causes that can reduce libido in females. Women from all around the world often suffer from psychological disorders that can directly affect their self-esteem. Such disorders usually include insecurity about their body structure, considering oneself not fit for being loved or desired by men, etc.

Loss of libido due to such psychological disorders usually results in women completely shutting themselves from the outer world. It can also reduce their confidence in facing the society and make them vulnerable to boldly face the world.

Childbirth and Pregnancy

Women who are expecting or have given birth in the recent months often suffer from hormonal imbalance. Such conditions may make them less aroused or no desire to have physical contact with their partners for the next few months. The condition may last until their body system restores to its normal functioning mode.

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