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Searching For Ways to Deal with Libido Loss - Here Are Some Possible Factors

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How To Deal With Low Libido In Women

During recent years, sexologists, psychiatrists, etc, have turned their focus on studying the condition of women, who gradually lose their desire to have physical relationship with their loved ones. Even though it is commonly believed that the sex hormones androgens, testosterone, estrogens, etc, have major role to play in this matter, it is believed that libido plays a key role in the increase or decrease of sex drive in women.

Many studies on the low sex drive in female have shed light on the facts that this problem arises mainly because of insufficient production of libido hormones in women. The lower the level of this hormone in the blood streams of women, the less aroused they will feel during sexual activities.

The causes of the problem may not be the same, but the after effects of less libido production are seen in women, who have reached the stage of menopause. Some women suffer from temporary loss of sexual desire when they are pregnant, in the last trimester or even when they have recently given birth.

Lower production or libido in female can cause serious blow in the relationship of the married couples as well as the sex partners. No matter what the cause is whether physical or psychological, there is always a cure that can work its charm on low libido problems.

Causes for Low Libido Production or Loss of Sexual Desire

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There are many causes for loss of libido, which paves way for the physicians to find a successful cure for the problem. Here are some of the causes and they are listed below.


As it is understood, menstrual cycle is mainly affected by the production and release of sex hormones. If the body system fails to produce enough supply of sex hormones, then the result may be quite effective on both the ovulation and monthly cycle.

When women undergo menopause, it is a way of their body letting them know the fact that it will be no longer producing the required sex hormones that can continue the cycle of ovulation and menstruation. When this happens, the psychological condition of women will be strongly affected by many traumas.

There are many drugs and herbal supplements, which offers a helping hand for the body to successfully maintain the sex drive in women, even after they undergo menopause.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

When women become pregnant, the focus of the body system and hormonal system will be on the growth of foetus and also on supplying necessary nutrients for the baby. Their hormonal balance will be thrown off the charts, which make them become emotionally attached with the foetus inside their womb. This can take away their attention from the sexual desire and keeps them focused on their baby.

Psychological Issues

Certain psychological issues such as depression, trauma, etc, can often leave behind a scar on the psychological health of women. When the mind experiences trauma, it can also be because of the physical reason such as undergoing painful surgeries, excess stress, etc. However, both psychological and physical abnormality can often cause serious blow on the sex drive in women.

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