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Suffering From Loss Of Libido - Here Are Some Remedies To Rectify The Problem

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How To Get Rid Of Lost Libido In Women

Libido is one of the main factors that help people enjoy their sex life to the fullest with their partners. However, inadequate release of libido can cause serious issues between couples since it can lessen the sexual desire in both men and women.

Reasons for Lost Libido

It is a well-known fact that women usually get more emotionally attached to the endeavours that might take place in and around their surroundings. The more they are affected by such traumas, the more chances that it might affect their sexual desire.

There are many factors, which might play a key role in affecting the release of libido by the hormonal system. Some may be due to the unhealthy habits of women or some may be because of the psychological trauma that they suffer from. Some of such are listed below.

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  • An imbalance in the release of hormones

  • Some commonly seen health related issues such as diabetes, Blood pressure, obesity, etc.

  • Trauma from their love life such as suffering from a fall in the relationship or also due to accidental traumas such as being a rape victim and so on.

  • Anaemia or other such health related issues.

  • Stress on the body due to daily hectic schedule.

  • Over dependency on some prescribed medications or over drug dependency.

  • Excess consumption of alcohol or even from smoking more than 5 to 6 cigarettes per day.

  • Afterbirth conditions wherein the body of a mother will be slowly resetting to its normal mode.

The cause of low sex drive or less interest in sex life might be either similar or different from one woman to another since the body system of each individual works differently from one another. However, the remedies that are usually suggested for women suffering from low libido issues might not be the same since the cause of the problem work as the key for the remedy.

Remedies to Restore Lost Libido

There are many remedies that are commonly suggested by the physicians for women suffering from no interest or low interest in sex life. Some of them are listed below.

Consulting a Psychiatrist

Psychological effects on the mind can also cause major blow on the sex drive of women. Instead of trying to find an ineffective remedy, consulting a psychiatrist might be the best option. They are the experienced experts in the field and can surely help you to get rid of the unwanted accumulation of emotional burden from your mind, which in turn calms your mind.

Attending Relationship Counselling

Bad relationship between couples can also be the main cause of low libido in females. Instead of constantly fighting with your partner, attending relationship counselling will not only help you restore the lost spark in the sex life, but will also make it easier for you to understand one another.

Trying Several Type of Lubrications such as Vaginal Creams and Gels

Vaginal dryness is also considered as one of the effective causes for loss of libido in women. Try applying vaginal creams and gels, as suggested by the physicians on daily basis. This will always help you to get rid of the vaginal dryness. The creams can also keep the sex organs lubricated, which can keep the women aroused during the sexual activities.

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