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What Is Loss Of Sex Drive And When Do Women Experience Low Sex Drive

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Why Women Lose Interest In Sex

Women often undergo many problems such as daily stress from the job, issues related to their marital or love life, etc, which normally starts from the head and can extend to their bedrooms. Every minor or major psychological trauma that they undergo always ends up causing hormonal imbalance, which in turn affects their daily life.

Men often find low interest in sex only when they are suffering from erectile dysfunction whereas women suffer from the disorder of Hypoactive Sexual Desire (HSDD) for many reasons. This can also be because of the reason that women often combine their physical stress with mental strain, which usually result in affecting their sex drive.

What exactly is this Less Desire in Sexual Activities?

Low sexual desire or no sex drive is a condition wherein women do not enjoy the physical contact with their partner. Even though they participate in sexual activities with their partner, they do not feel aroused or enjoy sexual desires, fantasies, etc because of low sex drive.

Low sex drive also affects the thoughts, mind and physical activities of women when they are involved in sex. This can be because of variety of reasons or causes. Some of them are listed below.

Issues related to Interpersonal Relationship

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With no emotional satisfaction, personal relationship often results in variety of problems between couples. Sometimes addition of a new member to the family can also divert ones attention, love and care, which often leave women with less sexual desire.

Inadequate Release of Sex Hormones

Sex hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, androgens, estrogens, etc, often decide the sex drive of both men and women. The level of testosterone will be at its peak when women are at the age of 20s and starts decreasing when they start aging. When they attain the age of menopause, the level of sex hormones will be completely decreased, which makes them less aroused for sexual activities.

Influence of Socio culture

Socio cultural influence such as excess stress in the working environment, sexuality related crisis, etc, can affect on the healthy release of sex hormones.

Health Issues

Medical problems such as depression, illness, thyroid, fibroids, endometriosis, etc, can sometimes cause serious effect on the sex drive in women.


Healthy pumping of blood into the genitals plays a key role in the release of hormones. When women start aging, the volume of blood pumped into these areas starts decreasing, which in turn reduce the release of sex hormones.


Women often follow routine of consuming certain medications such as contraceptive tablets or birth control pills, antidepressants, diabetes or BP drugs, hormonal injections, etc. Such medications often come with negative side effects that also include affecting the release of libido.

When prescribed medications are followed for longer years, they start leaving behind their traces in the blood streams. As the level of such traces exceeds, it starts affecting the organ system in a negative way. It can sometimes even end up harming the organ system that is involved in the release of libido or sex hormones.

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