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The Benefits Of Orgasms: More Than A Feeling

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The ability to experience orgasms during sex is something incredible. It gives you a reason to look forward to another sexual escapade – as soon as you are done with the current one. Apart from the intense pleasure that we experience when we climax, orgasm is good for making us feel so good. This is mainly because, when you climax, your brain releases a chemical known as oxytocin. Also known as pleasure or love hormone, oxytocin plays a crucial role in promoting bonding between human beings.

Moreover, there is more. In this post, we consider many other benefits of orgasms – that go beyond a feeling.

Improved immune system

All of us would do better with an enhanced immune system, and orgasm may help you to achieve it. As long as you practice safe sex at all times, it may help you keep sickness at bay. Apparently, by achieving orgasm, the levels of your immunoglobulin A normally increase. An antibody IgA plays the critical role of heightening resistance to the common diseases. According to a 2004 research study conducted at Wilkes University (involving 122 research participants), individuals who engage in sex frequently have higher levels of immunoglobulin A compared to those who do not have sex or those who do it less frequently.

An orgasm heightens the levels of DHEA in the body. The hormone makes the brain function better, keeps the immune system balanced, and also aids in the maintenance and repair of body tissue. Also, orgasm is good at promoting healthy levels of estrogen that, besides keeping the tissues of your vagina supple, it helps to keep off osteoporosis, and a myriad of other heart diseases.

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Boosts circulation to the reproductive system

Your reproductive system and especially the parts that make up the female genitalia require enough flow of blood for it to function optimally. Orgasm promotes the flow of blood to the organs in the pelvic cavity. The steady supply of nutrients ensures the growth of healthy tissues as well as regulation of the menstrual cycle. By having intercourse at least once weekly, your chances of having normal menstrual cycles become significantly higher compared to celibate women, or those who have sex less frequently.

A more youthful look

Women love to look younger than they are. It explains why the market for anti-aging products grows continues to grow. Now, you have a reason to indulge in more sex, and most importantly, do everything possible to get multiple orgasms, say in every act. Orgasms go a long way in giving you a youthful appearance. There are claims that a woman, who makes love thrice per week, and is in a stable and fulfilling relationship, may look ten years younger than she is.

Pain relievers

The power of orgasm is just unimaginable. Imagine a situation where you are in a position to replace your painkillers with orgasms. This incredible and intense sexual pleasure can get rid of your migraine and other types of pain. With this knowledge, you may want to ditch your usual ‘I have a headache’ excuse – especially if you are not lying – to relieve that migraine.

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