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All About Low Female Libido

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Low female libido can be more psychological than physiological in many women. There are a variety of sexual enhancement products for women as well in the market today.

It is said there is no better time to be a woman as a result of the medical advances with female mortality and menopause care. A healthy sexual attitude is a difficult attribute to find in most women.

Physiological changes in the body associated with menopause and childbirth affect a womans health and most often cause low female libido.

Conditions like vaginal dryness that accentuate low female sexual libido show symptoms that mimic many other conditions.

The symptoms of vaginal dryness like vaginal itching, burning; pain from intercourse and the urge to urinate frequently during intercourse is seen in fungal, yeast infections and urinary tract infection as well.

Hormonal changes in the body can often cause low female libido. As a woman inches towards menopause, the female hormones bring about entopic changes in the female reproductive system. 

The vaginal lining continues to thin with age and hence stimulation is harder to perceive.There is also decreased lubrication that affects pleasure from sex and can very well cause low female libido.

External genitalia undergo topical changes from menopause in most women. There is shrinkage of female external genitalia like that of the labia and more exposure of the clitoris from hormonal changes.

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These bodily changes require time to be more accommodating and hence cause low female libido. Life events like childbirth do affect the physiology of a womans reproductive system and hormonal activities.

The female reproductive hormones return to previous conditions and levels only after about a year from childbirth. Postoperative complications from childbirth also cause low female libido.

Postpartum depression is being diagnosed in increasing number of women. The hormonal turmoil and irregularities from childbirth affect female sexual libido in myriad ways.

Low female libido is relatively common after childbirth and menopause when seen for a short period of time. Premature menopause seen frequently in younger men of today profoundly impacts sexual drive and results in low female libido.

Other systemic medical conditions like iron deficiency anemia and impaired thyroid function also cause low female libido. The hormonal irregularities seen in women in their late thirties to forties can be a sign of premature menopause.

Often tension headaches and indiscriminate use of contraceptive pills also cause low female libido. Lifestyle habits like consumption of alcohol and smoking can cause low female libido.

It is said about four out of every ten women suffers from low female libido. Terminal health conditions like cancer affect sex drive in women.

Other common female health conditions like Osteoarthritis and Polycystic ovarian disease also cause low female libido. Adverse reaction to contraceptive methods and associated infections of the cervix and vestibule from their use results in low female libido. 

Anatomical disease conditions like retroverted uterus, Uterine prolapse, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and endometriosis affect sexual well-being and cause low female libido. 

Relationship struggles and lack of intimacy with sexual partner is also associated with low female libido.

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