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7 Things That Happen When You Stop Taking The Pill

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A lot of young women prefer to use birth control pills during the initial days of their becoming sexually active. The huge preference for this hormonal method of birth control is perhaps attributed to the fact that the pills are not only largely available but also highly affordable. Now, supposing you wish to stop taking them, what are the seven things you can expect to happen? In this post, we enlighten you on what to expect, should you decide to stop using the birth control pill.

They include:

You are looking at a possible pregnancy

A common perception is that once a woman stops taking the pill, she cannot conceive immediately. Consider this a myth that we must debunk today. Technically, it is possible to become pregnant within a few days of stopping birth control usage. As such, if you are not prepared to deal with pregnancy and raising a child, ensure to use a condom or another preferred method of birth control.

Delayed conception

In as much as it is possible for a woman to conceive immediately after stopping the pill, some women experience delayed conception – say for a month, two months, or so. As a matter of fact, the majority of women take a month or two to ovulate after they stop taking the pill. In some instances, your doctor may not be in a position to determine your accurate due date. Do not be frustrated if you do not conceive immediately after stopping the pill.

Unusual periods

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When you stop the pill, your pill will be a little different from what you are used to. The flow might be different, say lighter, shorter, or longer than usual. There is no cause for alarm. In due time, they will get back to normal. This might happen for up to three months. Do not panic, and also, exercise utmost patience.

Weight loss

Did you gain some weight when you started using the pill? If yes, the fluctuations in hormones will cause you to shed off most of that weight. However, the change in your weight when you go on the pill and when you stop is highly dependent on the amount of hormones in the type of oral contraceptive you choose. Some oral contraceptives do not have even a slight impact on your weight.

Revamped sex drive

Did you suddenly lose a huge chunk of your sex drive when you went on the pill? Your revived sex drive will definitely surprise your partner once you go off the pill – especially in the middle of your cycle! Yippee! I am sure he will love this dramatic change, and you will enjoy too. Besides, what compares to a good sex life?

Stringy discharge

Your birth control pill has been keeping the weird stringy discharge at bay. Besides helping you manage your fertility, this is yet another benefit you have unknowingly been reaping. The increased discharge, especially the stringy one, happens right before you ovulate, and during the ovulation window. A few women also notice some spotting or ovulation pain every month. If this happens when you go off the pill, it should not surprise you, as this is normal.

Brace yourself up for the PMS-related moodiness

You must have heard people say that women are hormonal. Apparently, the fluctuations in your hormones have the potential to dictate your moods. Oral contraceptives are designed in a manner that keeps the hormones as stable as possible. It explains why acne, achy boobs (premenstrual period) and moodiness become a thing of the past when you start using the contraceptive. Now that you have stopped, you might as well brace yourself up for their comeback in the days ahead.

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