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Vaginal Dryness Treatment: Don’t Just Live With Dryness

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A lot of women feel like they are not lubricated enough down there, and have no idea why. Well, this may be caused by things like menopause, the pill, or not being aroused before sex. Basically, when your body begins to lose estrogen and testosterone, the vagina will degenerate and will have difficulty getting wet - and the dryer it is, the more painful it gets during sex.

Now, if you are not so sure if you have vaginal dryness, some of the symptoms include:getting urinary tract infections (UTI) frequently, reduced sex drive, vaginal discomfort or itchiness, and needing to pee more often. You would not want to live with this problem all your life, especially when you start experiencing it at a young age; as this problem will not only affect you, but also your partner. So the first thing you should do is to visit the gynecologist, even if it means embarrassing yourself (because not everybody feels comfortable visiting one). This is just to ensure that you are not suffering from anything serious.

Just to be clear, vaginal dryness is not a serious issue, and here are some tips that you can try for a little bit of wetness down under.

Lubricants are the most common type of treatment that you can pick up from the pharmacy. These gel-type products are often used before sex, by applying it to the vagina to ease the pain caused by dryness. Though lubricants give immediate results, they only provide short-term comfort.

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Vaginal moisturizers may be what you need if you experience dryness on a daily basis, and not just during sex. These cream-based products are usually applied inside the vagina and has long-term effects. The best ones are water-based moisturizers, as oil-based moisturizers can be irritating.

There are also treatments that can be taken orally too, like phytoestrogens. These are lower dose estrogens that can be found in certain foods like flaxseed oils, soy milk, tofu, and miso. Adding these foods to your diet will give you some moisture down there, naturally.

For those who experience vaginal dryness caused by menopause, it is ideal to try hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Its purpose is to replace the estrogen that your body loses as you age. This can be taken in the form of tablets, gel, or a skin patch, but you will need a doctor’s prescription for this, unlike the other treatments.

Apart from topical creams and food, some supplements may also help treat vaginal dryness. For instance, it is important for women to take vitamin E as this helps improve menopausal symptoms, while increasing supply to the vaginal wall. Vitamin D, on the other hand, decreases the vaginal pH that is also related to dryness. Maca is another ingredient that you might want to add to your diet as it helps lubricate your vagina by raising estradiol levels.

One thing you should know is that vaginal dryness is normal, and all women experience it at some point in their lives, so there is nothing to worry about.

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