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5 Steps To Hack And Heal Female Sexual Desire

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If a woman suddenly starts to feel a lack of sexual desire, then something might be causing it. Anxiety is often the root of this, making a woman lose interest in it, at the same time giving her a difficulty reaching orgasm.

You may think that women only experience a lack of sexual desire after menopause, but it actually affects women of all ages. And if you are experiencing this, you are not alone because studies found that almost half of 31,000 females experience it too. These women associate the lack of sexual desire with anxiety and depression. The good news is that there are actually ways to heal the female sex drive to get your libido back.

First of all, women who take contraceptives like the Pill may notice a lower sex drive because these pills contain hormones like estrogen and progesterone that have a negative effect on female libido. It affects the body’s natural way of producing hormones. But it is not just contraceptives that do this to women, as antidepressants can affect your sexuality too. Women who take antidepressants have reported a loss of interest in sex. So to get your drive back, you can ask your doctor to reduce the dosage of your medication or perhaps prescribe you with a different medication that does not have that side effect.

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Second would be your diet. Women who eat a lot of carbohydrates and sweets suffer from a decrease in sex drive too, because these ingredients lower the amount of testosterone that your body produces. Another effect that sugar does is that it absorbs your energy making you feel more fatigued, at the same time, it increases cortisol which is the stress hormone. So make sure to cut down on your sugar and carb intake for better libido.

The third thing that affects female sexual desire is your hormones, and balanced hormones start with a proper diet that is low in sugar and glucose. Always make sure that your diet consists of the right amounts of vegetables, animal protein, and gluten-free grains. Also, opt for fresh fruits over fruit juices and dried foods as fruit juices contain more sugar. You can also add probiotics to your diet like yogurt or kefir to improve the production of serotonin in your brain, reducing the effects of anxiety.

Not everyone may be comfortable with this, but masturbation is another way to improve a woman’s desire to have sex. Physical pleasure is a natural way for our body to produce feel good chemicals, while balancing our hormones. This also lets the body release oxytocin which lowers cortisol, and when we are not stressed, our bodies will not crave for unhealthy foods like sugar and carbs. So you might want to check out a sex store and see what toys may bring pleasure to you.

Last but not the least, don’t live a life full of myths. Women often think that they have to live up to a certain image due to gender stereotypes, religion, and culture. However, our body naturally seeks pleasure, and we have to give the body what it asks for. So when you feel the urge to have sex, do not let society stop you just because they will call you a slut.

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