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7 Incredible Edibles To Give Your Sex Drive A Boost

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If you feel like you have not been in the mood for sex lately, you might want to munch on foods that will give your sex drive a little boost. The reason why eating healthier food affects your libido is because it makes you feel good physically, but also because some of these foods contain certain ingredients that help our body produce hormones that affect our drive to have sex. Below are some foods that you might want to add in your everyday diet.

Red meats like steak is supposed to be perfect for women who have iron deficiency. Iron deficiency makes women feel stressed and exhausted, which will definitely affect her outlook on sex. Women who are low in iron are often not in the mood to have sex. Another component that is found in steak is zinc, and zinc helps the body produce testosterone. And as we all know, testosterone is the main ingredient that boosts one’s sex drive.

Oysters always come to mind when libido is the topic. This is because it is known as one of the more common aphrodisiacs due to the high levels of zinc it contains. And just like steak, the zinc in oysters help in the production of testosterone levels, which will give you a better sex life.

Chocolate is probably the best tasting food that will help you boost your sex drive too. This is because it contains phenylethylamine, a compound that releases the same endorphins that our body does during sex. It also de-stresses you and puts you in a better mood. But take note that only dark chocolate will give your libido a boost, and milk chocolate will not.

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Eggs have long been liked to sexuality. Firstly, it contains high amounts of protein that give people energy. But it also contains vitamins like B5 and B6, which balances the hormones, fights stress, and boosts one’s libido.

You may not expect this one to help you boost your sex drive, but oatmeal is actually a great source of L-arginine. And this ingredient is known to help improve blood flow to the sex organs, particularly the clitoris - which has a lot of nerve endings. So you might want to replace your breakfast loaf for oatmeal instead if you want to have more fun in bed.

Fruits like peaches are packed with vitamin C, and not only will this improve blood flow, but it also increases one’s sex drive from the vitamins our body gets from it.

Another fruit that is considered an aphrodisiac is fig. Figs are full of antioxidants and polyphenols that will give you more stamina during sex. It is not just that, the fact that figs physically resemble male testicles stimulate the brain, boosting one’s drive to have sex.

These are just examples of food that will help boost your libido, but there are actually a lot more out there. Other foods that you might want to consider for your sex drive include salmon, sweet potatoes, red wine, spinach, asparagus, seeds and nuts.

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