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What Is Normal Vaginal Discharge?

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A normal occurrence, vaginal discharge is common in the majority of women and girls. It is basically a mucus or fluid whose primary purpose is to maintain a sufficiently moist and clean vagina and in turn, protect it against potential infections. Most of the time, the vaginal discharge should not be a cause for alarm especially if it is clear or white, thick and sticky, slippery or wet, and most importantly, it does not have an unpleasant or strong smell. Women of all ages can observe vaginal discharge.

Another thing that women need to be aware of is that the amount, consistency, and color of vaginal discharge will vary depending on a couple of circumstances. For instance, a woman will experience heavier discharge when she is pregnant, if sexually active, or when she is on birth control. Keep on reading to learn when to expect what as far as the vaginal discharge is concerned.

Types of Vaginal Discharge

Stringy or stretchy discharge

Clear vaginal discharge is usually an ovulation sign and happens around the mid cycle. You may want to take it as nature’s way of letting you know when to get busy (if you wish to conceive), or to keep off sex (if you are not looking forward to having a baby yet). As if that is not enough, clear vaginal discharge is normally accompanied by a heightened sex drive. The clear discharge is the best for ensuring smooth transportation of the sperm for the purpose of fertilization.

Thin and clear discharge

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It is a little different from the stretchy or stringy discharge that is seen around day 14 of the menstrual cycle. It comes close to the beginning of your menstrual cycle. During this period, your discharge might also be clear and watery, or thin and milky white. You needn’t worry as long as your vagina is not itchy, and the discharge does not produce a funky smell.

Thicker than usual

At times, your discharge will appear thicker than it usually is. As long as you do not experience itchiness or any form of discomfort, and the discharge does not produce a strong odor, it is a sign that you are coming to the end of a cycle phase associated with creaminess. The thickness of the discharge increases during the second half of your menstrual cycle. While thicker than usual discharge is pretty much normal, especially when a woman is on birth control, it could also be an indication of an existing problem linked to issues such as reaction to cosmetic products, or even an infection. However, if everything appears normal, apart from the super heavy discharge, you are good.

Brown or bloody discharge

Nearly every woman is familiar with this discharge as it happens as the bleeding comes to an end. However, some women also experience breakthrough bleeding particularly during mid cycle. If you are noticing it for the first time, it could be that you are pregnant, your body is adapting to a new method of hormonal contraception or a sign of a health condition. Speak to your doctor to help establish the cause.

I do not have discharge!

So, you have been hearing your girlfriends talk about how they cannot lock white undies due to the heavy discharge, yet you do not have the same problem. You hardly see discharge and you are wondering if you are normal. By all means, do not stress about it! The presence or absence of discharge is not a determinant of womanhood. You only need to get worried and consult a gynecologist if the vaginal dryness irritates you, or if it interferes with your sexual life.

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