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Is Low Sex Drive During Pregnancy Normal? Yes, And You Shouldn't Feel Bad About It

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Pregnancy is a crucial time in a woman’s life – whether planned or not. From the very beginning, a woman is filled with mixed feelings and reactions. Joy, happiness and a lot of hope are among the very first feelings that a woman exhibits immediately she discovers she is expecting. However, pregnancy also comes with a share of challenges ranging from morning sickness, bad mood, fatigue and other pregnancy related illness and conditions such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

Low sex drive is yet another difficult change that expectant mothers must learn to live with – at least during the pregnancy period – even though it doesn’t apply to all women. Let’s just say that every woman is unique as far as pregnancy is concerned. Do not be surprised when one woman says that all her pregnancies were unique in some way. Now, let’s handle the low sex drive issue in pregnancy. If you have been wondering whether it’s normal, you should know that it is and that there are scientific reasons behind it. You also need to appreciate the fact that it is not your fault at all! Do not feel bad about it. In any case, it is just a passing cloud!

What causes low sex drive during pregnancy?

It is your hormones working against you. Expectant women go through an array of hormonal changes. Some couples are lucky because their sex lives even become better. However, for others, the fluctuating hormones create a negative effect on their intimacy, according to intimacy expert and author of Pure Romance Between the Sheets, Patty Brisben.

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Note that hormone levels usually vary with every trimester. As such, you may realize that your sex drive disappears completely in one trimester, and slumps back in the other.

The rapid hormone changes, especially during the first trimester, are also responsible for making the majority of women physically sick and too tired. This, in turn, makes them less interested in sex. These challenges ease up during the second trimester as she regains her energy and the symptoms of morning sickness fade away. However, the third trimester comes with yet a different set of problems.

The considerable weight gain and the cumbersome belly make sex extremely uncomfortable. Many couples find it awkward, not mentioning the struggles experienced in finding appropriate sex styles and positions. The sex drive drops again at this point. Besides, a good number of pregnant women suffer some level of discomfort after sex such as abdominal cramping. Although such discomforts are not risky (apart from where a pregnancy is considered high risk), they have the potential to make women disinterested in sexual intercourse.

What should a couple do?

As earlier stated, pregnancy is something temporary. It does not give a sufficient reason for an otherwise amazing relationship to turn sour. Partners are encouraged to keep communication lines open throughout pregnancy. The importance of both parties to understand each other’s fears, concerns and desires in matters sex cannot be overemphasized. Also, make maximum use of the availability of your gynecologist/obstetrician. She will come in handy in putting your concerns to rest. As far as discomforts are concerned, explore new sex styles that make sex more exciting and comfortable especially during the third trimester.

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