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Libido And Breastfeeding – Where Did My Sex Drive Go?

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A woman’s world is full of twists and turns. One moment you are on top of the world, everything seems to be working just fine – from your relationship to your career and social circle among other things – and the next moment, you are stuck trying to understand the reason for the sudden changes in your life.

When abrupt changes occur in your life, such as pregnancy, childbirth and later on breastfeeding and taking care of the new born baby, one of the things that suffer is your sex drive. Oh yes! It is a pretty much common occurrence. This assurance must be comforting especially if you thought you are alone in this. Relax girl! There are so many of you in this rollercoaster.

The next question you are going to ask is; how is my libido connected to breastfeeding? It is partly a hormonal thing. Consider the following;

Drop in estrogen levels

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Your estrogen levels are partly responsible for your reduced libido. It explains why your cervical mucus has taken a temporary hike leaving you to worry about vaginal dryness. Unfortunately, vaginal dryness leads to painful intercourse and this incident can make you dislike getting intimate with your partner – even when you feel like doing it. Luckily, vaginal dryness can be managed using the right lubrication. Foreplay also comes in handy to make sure that you are sufficiently aroused before penetration. Let your partner know what you are going through so that he can handle you tenderly during the act.

Hormone Prolactin

When you give birth your body is set to naturally produce nutritious breast milk which largely determines the health of your baby for the rest of its life. A hormone known as prolactin is the one responsible for making this happen, and the same hormone is to blame for your low sex drive. During this period, your body is designed to put almost everything else to a standstill, including ovulation, to ensure the survival and well-being of your little one. As such, you may want to consider your sex drive as one of the things you must be willing to give up just to see your baby happy and healthy – at least in the short term.


Don’t forget that breastfeeding can be physically and emotionally draining. Breastfeeding doesn’t only entail holding the breast for the baby to feed. It is also a moment for the mother and child to bond, and this takes a lot of emotional effort. The situation is especially tiring during the first few months after the baby is born. An infant also requires a lot of attention. So, we shouldn’t look at this issue solely from the perspective of breastfeeding.

It should be looked wholesomely as a period where the attention of the mother is almost fully on the baby at all times. By the end of the day, engaging in sexual intercourse is usually the last thing on her mind. Most of the times, all she wants is to take a good rest – just that! She even stops having sexual fantasies and thoughts. Thankfully, this whole experience is usually something temporary. Your life will go back to normal as soon as you learn to make the necessary adjustments.

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