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How To Cure Low Libido From Anxiety?

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Although almost always underestimated, anxiety is usually an overwhelming condition. Besides distracting a person's mind, anxiety steals the pleasure that one used to enjoy at some point in his life. It has the potential to interfere with both your mental and physical health. It, therefore, should not come as a surprise when anxiety is blamed for low libido. It happens in ways that are not only difficult to comprehend but also damaging in a very emotional and mental way. As such, this condition should be addressed as fast as possible to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

Several factors can be the cause of your anxiety. Some of them include stress from work, financial problems, effects of medication, severe illnesses, stress in personal relationships, and drug abuse among numerous others. At times, when anxiety is present, the sufferer doesn’t realize it, and that’s why it ends up interfering with your libido.

So, how can one cure low libido caused by anxiety? First and foremost, you must determine where your anxiety is coming from. Without taking this first step, it is impossible to get rid of both the stress and the low libido. Below are effective ways of curing low libido resulting from anxiety:

Seek professional help

Many people dismiss the need for a psychiatrist, understandably so as the society tend to think that a person seeing one is sick in the head. You needn’t pay attention to the judgmental society. This life is your own, and no one else should have a say in it – not even indirectly. For this reason, face your situation with as much bravery as you can gather. Be open with your problem. Identify a good counselor and pour out your heart. Let him/her understand everything that you are going through. After several counseling sessions, you will realize that as your anxiety disappears, your sex drive will begin to increase.

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Do not give up on your sex life

Giving up on your sex life just because your sex drive has taken a dip makes the situation even worse. In fact, it may end up ruining an otherwise good relationship. Let your partner know that your low libido is due to anxiety and that it has nothing to do with them – especially if your relationship is not under any constraints. Miscommunication has always made even the smallest problems unsolvable. For this reason, do not keep your partner guessing and you will be surprised at the amount of support you get from having an honest conversation about this whole issue.

Engage in regular physical exercise and eat a balanced diet

One of the best ways of beating anxiety is regular physical exercise. Exercise takes away the negative effects of anxiety such as mental distraction, fatigue, and general distress. Combined with healthy eating and the help you are getting from your counselor, you will soon say goodbye to your low libido.

Finally, if you think that your current medication is causing the anxiety, speak to your doctor. Ask him or her whether your medication can be replaced. Also, if you have been using illicit drugs such as cocaine, you may want to consider quitting. If it means getting rehabilitation help, don’t hesitate.

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