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What It's Really Like To Have No Sex Drive, Because Having HSDD Can Be Devastating

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Decreased sex drive is one of the commonest forms of female sexual dysfunction. While it is not something that happens overnight, women are always surprised when they realize that their libido has declined. Among the common causes of low libido include hormonal imbalance (such as deterioration in the levels of androgens), stress (could emanate from any aspect of her life), medications or hormonal contraceptives, fatigue and poor personal relationships among many others.

Women experience different levels of low libido. For some people, it just happens some days – let’s say occasionally. For others, it could take a couple of weeks or a month, and it’s gone. However, there is another worrying level of low sex drive known as HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder). Defined as a persistent and recurring form of low sex drive, HSDD causes both distress and frustrations whenever it happens. Unfortunately, women with this condition never or hardly experience the sexual desire they used to enjoy. The thought of a person spending years wondering whatever happened to her sex drive is unimaginable – yet it happens. Apparently, 10 percent of women face this awful reality on a daily basis.

While HSDD can be devastating, the general loss of sexual desire, irrespective of how much, is equally disturbing. It has the potential to change a person’s life in ways they have never imagined.

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For starters, decreased sex drive in women can lead to poor personal relationships. One of the things that happen when a woman has a low sex drive is that she stops initiating intercourse. This may spell trouble in her relationship or marriage especially if she never shied away from initiating intimacy. The situation could get even worse if there are no open communication lines. Her partner may begin to think that she is no longer interested in getting intimate with him. It explains why women are advised to let their partners aware of their sexual dysfunction at the earliest convenience. Invite your partner to help you get a solution to your current predicament as it prevents a possible break up or relationship constraints.

Another problem associated with low sex drive is stress and depression. When you have low libido, it means that you aren’t having as much sex as you used to. Note that sexual intercourse, and particularly orgasm allows the body of the participants to release the feel good hormones that can alleviate symptoms of stress and depression. As such, if you are having less sex, it could translate to more bad moods than before.

A woman will also be stressed up, and anxiety crawls in as she tries to understand why her libido has taken a dip. She will spend endless hours and days looking for appropriate solutions, and this may worsen her situation. Imagine if she tries a couple of solutions and none of them works. Combine this with the usual bad moods associated with the fluctuation of hormones, and you can already imagine what a woman may become following deterioration of her sexual desire.

The constant worries and stress originating from the fact that she no longer enjoys sex may interfere with the other aspects of her life. She may begin to perform poorly at work. Some women even neglect their home duties unconsciously. The social life outside her home and office may also experience constraints. Dealing with reduced or lost sex drive is never easy. For this reason, women with low libido are encouraged to seek professional help. Speaking to a health practitioner goes a long way in bringing the matter to rest soon.

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