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6 Essential Oils For Sex: Boost Libido And Set The Mood Naturally

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While we want good things to happen in our lives at all times, it does not always happen. We must appreciate the fact that some problems are inevitable and as such, we have no choice but to deal with them accordingly when they come knocking our doors.

Take, for instance, our sex lives. While nobody wishes to experience a surge in libido, it still happens to a good number of people. Although a gradual process, you wake up one morning and realize that your desire is not as vibrant as it used to be. For you, getting intimate with your partner becomes sought of a sacrifice you have to make. Thankfully, this unfortunate happening can be reversed using several essential oils. Below is a list of such six oils that can help revive your sex drive and also help set the mood naturally.

Rose oil

It is said that the goddess of love and sensuality, Aphrodite, maintained a love den that was decorated using rose petals. The Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra is also said to have used rose petals in her bath. Without a doubt, this loyalty for the rose is justifiable. Rose essential oil has earned a stellar reputation for soothing senses by alleviating the symptoms of anxiety connected to sex. Since it acts via heart chakra, rose oil assists in the unification of spiritual and physical love.

Jasmine oil

Since time immemorial, jasmine oil has been a useful tool in the art of seduction. An aphrodisiac oil, jasmine is loved for the powerful effect it has on human senses. The aphrodisiac property of jasmine oil makes a person feel not only romantic but also in love. It has the potential to improve one’s libido and sexual desire. The aroma of jasmine oil and the fragrance of the jasmine flowers are prominent in the Indian subcontinent. Besides being used to decorate the bride, they are also used to decorate the first night room. That’s how great Jasmine oil is in the world of aphrodisiacs.

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Ylang-Ylang oil

Ylang-Ylang oil is almost the same as Jasmine oil in nearly all aspects. It has an incredibly sweet and floral aroma that does nothing short of filling the user up with joy unsurpassed. The exotic oil is known for energizing the user and making partners more attracted to each other. Apparently, a single drop of Ylang-Ylang oil near the bed is sufficient to cause magic to an otherwise dull romantic atmosphere. With all these praises, this is one of the oils that women need to arm themselves with.

Clary sage essential oil

One of the benefits of clary sage essential oil is reaped from its aphrodisiac properties. Its ability to improve sexual desire and also boost libido is one of the things that have made it famous. Clary sage oil is considered an effective treatment for psychological problems and frigidity emanating from loss of libido. If you have been diagnosed with low levels of testosterones, this essential oil will come in handy.

Clove bud oil

It is the surest bet for alleviating symptoms of depression. It is also known for its stimulating properties that make an individual more passionate and in turn, helping her experience the kind of sexual pleasure she has never experienced before.

Patchouli oil

Patchouli oil has an earthy, exotic, sensual, radiant, warm, woody aroma. Besides being used as an aphrodisiac, patchouli oil is also a useful tool for causing magnetic attraction. It works by stimulating sex glands, increase a person’s ability to respond to sexual arousal and stimulation, as well as libido. Should you decide to inhale it, indulge moderation. The last thing you want is to be left breathless or a situation where your senses are overstimulated. Just a little bit of patchouli oil goes a long way.

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