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Sex Drive Stealer: Unresolved Trauma

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Unresolved trauma could be the most difficult destroyer of female libido, especially when such trauma interferes with sexual activities. Trauma comes in different forms, if you have been a victim of sexual abuse for instance, it may be difficult for you to move close to a man, and if your house was broken into and you were molested violently during the process, that may affect you psychologically. While a trauma might have happened long time ago, it may continue to affect your female libido.

Low sex drive could be a symptom of post-traumatic distress disorder, and when a trauma resulted in physical damages to vital sex organs, and then the trauma could cause injuries during intimate sessions. Some post-traumatic disorders may be easier to deal with, especially when the victim was not injured or escaped from such. Trauma can cause long term damages to female libido; hence it must be treated as soon as possible. Fortunately, most traumas are short term and as the victim grows and matures in age, she is able to cope much better, however some women only remember the traumatic experience when they come in contact with the perpetrators of the act or when they find themselves in similar situations. As a woman who has suffered from trauma, the most important step to take is to avoid a situation that reminds you of such occurrence.

Handling Post trauma experience

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If trauma is the reason why you suffer from low female libido, there are a number of options you can consider to ensure that it does not interfere with your sex drive. Even though the trauma had occurred recently or long time ago, the best way to deal with this situation and retain your sex drive is to change the way you react to the thoughts of the trauma. It makes a whole lot of sense to forgive whoever is responsible for the trauma; likewise you need to forgive yourself. It is common to find some women blaming themselves for distasteful events that happened to them long time ago, hence they find it difficult to forgive themselves. If you don’t forgive yourself, you can’t forgive others and the thoughts of the trauma will continue to kill your sex drive.

If the trauma has resulted in a long term physical problem, then you should seek medical help and advice on how such physical problems will not interfere with your female libido. There are quite a number of devices and medications that help people suffering from post-trauma experiences to ensure that sexual intercourse are not painful.

Past traumas don’t have to reduce female libido when you seek the help of a psychologist. She can give you words of encouragement and even tell you stories of other women who have suffered similar experiences recently or long time ago and how they were able to put such experiences behind them. Secondly, you should consider taking precautionary measures that will help you prevent similar trauma experiences for happening again, these include; taking extra security measures or staying out of situations where you can become vulnerable to attacks.

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