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Sex Drive Stealer: High Cholesterol

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Aside the fact that high cholesterol is bad for the overall health of the body; it is one of the main reasons why female libido is very low or non-existing in both men and women. According to the United States Journal of Sexual Medicine, there is a correlation between high cholesterol and low female libido as well as orgasm.

Cholesterol can easily build up in many areas of the body; these include vital and sensitive organs such as the heart, and liver, as well as some close to some sex organs, located in the Pelvic region. Researchers have discovered that blood flow to the Pelvic area can be restricted when cholesterol is high, and that means less sensations are felt around the sex organs or genitals- this will definitely make achieving orgasms more difficult, and sex become more frustrating.

High cholesterol can trigger a number of health complications, including heart diseases, diabetes and stroke. Aside from low female libido, high cholesterol will simply force a sexually active individual become less active because he or she will not be able to last long in bed. High cholesterol can also result in several other sexually related problems such as premature ejaculation. It is important that you measure your cholesterol levels from time to time; likewise you must encourage your partner to do the same.

Dealing with high cholesterol and low sex drive

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In order to achieve a high female libido, you need to make adjustments to your lifestyle and most especially your diet. If you are taking too much fatty foods, you need to cut it down drastically and replace such with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Junk foods are the primary source of cholesterol, and you have to limit or avoid them. Whole milk and other animal products contribute lots of saturated fatty acids to the body, thereby building your cholesterol levels- they must be replaced with non-fat skimmed milk.

You should consider taking high fiber foods such as green leafy vegetables and fruits and consider eating oily fish because they contain healthy Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. . Healthy foods such as lime, lemon and bananas have been found to help the body detox naturally. Fiber-rich foods can help block significantly the absorption of cholesterol in the blood stream.

If you do not have a regular exercise routine, now is the time to consider having at least 30 minutes of exercise a day for five days a week. Researches have shown that regular physical activities can increase female libido significantly, while helping you cut down your cholesterol build up. Consider taking cardiovascular workouts as well as muscle stretching activities that can help you build lean muscles while you lose fat.

A simple blood test you should your first step to checking your cholesterol levels, and the physician will advise you on what to eat and how to make the best positive lifestyle changes to restore your sex life and cut back on fat.

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