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Sex Drive Stealer: Birth Control

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Many women use birth control for several reasons and one of such is to prevent unwanted pregnancy, especially when they are not ready to raise kids. There have been some linkages between birth control and female libido recently; hence you cannot rely on such pills to boost your sex drive. While birth control pills are effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy, it is sad to know that these pills that are supposed to make sex more pleasurable and free can actually cause female libido to plummet drastically.

Hormone-based birth control pills have been popular for decades now but their potential side effects are becoming a reality. It has been discovered by researchers at the Stanford University’s school of Medicine, that Hormone-based birth control medications can actually reduce the levels of testosterone in the female body- this problem happens because such birth control pills bind the sex hormone globulin which in turn cause sharp decline in the stimulation of testosterone.

There are high chances that birth control pills mess up with female libido, especially when such pills are taken excessively or on a long term. Low female libido is just one of the health problems linked with birth control pills, other problems may include; irregular menstrual circle and hormonal imbalances.

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Dealing with Low female libido caused by birth control medications

If you can find a better alternative to birth control pills then you should consider it. The use of condoms for instance, does not interfere with female libido, likewise it does not lead to a reduction in your testosterone levels but you have to choose the right type of condoms and make sure you wear them properly so that they don’t break and you fall pregnant. If your condom is causing issues such as vaginal dryness, you must consider getting advice from your physician on making the ideal condom choices.

If you have to use birth control pills, medical expert suggest that you use copper intra-uterine device to achieve a long-lasting and hormone-free medication that will not lower your sex drive. You may also have to talk to your doctor about changing your birth control prescription, because a birth control contraceptive that works for others may not be the best suitable one for you. The formulation included in most birth control contraceptives seem to be similar but may have slight variations, hence you need to be sure you are making the right choice.

Timing the usage of birth control contraceptive can also help in avoiding such medications messing up with female libido. Birth control contraceptives may only be ideal if you are not sexually active, however, you have to stop using it when you become sexually active. Aside the fact that many birth control contraceptive may cause low female libido, they have been linked with several other conditions such as dizziness, occasional stomach cramps, occasional migraines, flushes, and in some occasion certain cancers. You should consider speaking with your physician on the long term effect of the use of contraceptives.

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