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Sex Drive Stealer: Undiagnosed Thyroid Problem

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Many people suffer from diverse ailments they can hardly explain, and when it comes to female libido, many people may never think of the importance of the body’s Thyroid activities. The Thyroid gland may look smaller than the size of the Golf ball, but the functions it performs are enormous and such include its impact on sex drive. One of the major symptoms of an under-active Thyroid is Hypo-thyroidism, a condition that has been linked with a number of other conditions such as extreme fatigue, continuous migraine, dry skin, hair loss, extreme weight gain or weight loss, dry skin, and lower sex drive.

Thyroid malfunctioning affects both men and women and a number of conditions can trigger it, these include allergic reactions caused by certain foods containing allergens like Gluten. Most women who witness low female libido will never consider checking Thyroid malfunction at the onset, they probably consider their age, weight, stress, anxiety, trauma and some other physical causes before considering underlying medical conditions such as Thyroid malfunction. It is important to note that more than half of natural causes of sexual dysfunction can be treated effectively by treating Thyroid disorder.

Thyroid problem is a serious condition that must be treated immediately because of its connection with other functions of the body-, including; adrenalin functions, nervous system and many more. Individuals who suffer from Thyroid problem will not only have a reduction in sex drive, they will find it even more difficult to concentrate, they become fatigue in such a way that they sleep immediately even after eating small meals.

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How to deal with Thyroid problems relating to low female libido

First of all, you need to book an appointment with your doctor, as a simple blood test can help you determine if Thyroid malfunction is responsible for your low female libido. Hypothyroidism or any other Thyroid problems can be easily treated. If a food allergen is responsible for your Thyroid malfunction, a doctor may critically examine the type of foods that might be responsible for the issue – Gluten for instance has been linked with the problem, hence you may be advised to stay away from Gluten-rich white bread.

Treatment of hypothyroidism will result in a number of other health benefits; your body will rapidly return to its original weight, and you will also notice a positive change in your skin, and hair. Thyroid malfunction is a condition that will force you to make some tough decisions especially when you are used to certain foods, but with a systematic and gradual elimination of your allergens you will notice that your female libido will gradually return to normal and you will feel more energized to perform even longer in bed.

The treatment of thyroid malfunction may also help you deal effectively with other sexual dysfunction problems such as premature ejaculation. The earlier you go for medical attention for your thyroid disorder, the quicker you can get your sex drive back and enjoy a long lasting intimate session in bed.

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