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Sex Drive Stealer: No Date Nights

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Many women do possess strong female libido but the fact that they don’t have dates at nights make them lonely and unable to satisfy their urges. If you are not having a date night carefully planned with your partner, then you will find it difficult to stay connected with him. Some women can’t even remember the last time they sat down and enjoy a romantic evening with their spouse.

Having date nights doesn’t have to be in a posh restaurant or at the bar, it could be right there across the kitchen table, or by the patio outside of the main house. Sex therapists have discovered that most women who suffer from low sex drive often lack the emotional connection that will re-ignite their intimacy with men.

There are countless number of reasons women fail to have date nights; some work late into the evening and become too stressed by the time they get home, while others even work on weekends. If you are still harbouring some grudges against your partner, it becomes difficult for you to have date nights. For some women, going out with friends has become the only way they enjoy their night outs, hence they suffer from low female libido because they don’t have time for their partners. Some women do actually find time to spend date nights with their partners but they can be easily distracted by unfinished work, movies and some other stuff.

Dealing with No date nights, and low sex drive

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Planning a night date is the best way to stay intimate with your partner. You can send a message to your partner and ask him to make a reservation at your favourite restaurant. It is important that couples shift attention from some performance-based intercourse to a pleasure-based intimacy because a pleasure-based intimacy helps you create a stronger bond in addition to helping you retain string female libido.

If unfinished office works are preventing you from setting up date nights with your partner, then you need to tell your boss or whoever is the head to give you enough time to complete the office work without you compromising on quality date nights with your partner. You may have to break your office works into smaller units, and set aside some time to complete them.

If your partner is the one having difficulty in meeting up with your date nights, then you need to have a discussion with him and if possible you can offer some assistance to help him deal with whatever problem causing his inability to meet up with the date nights. You need to realize that the longer you stay away from sex, the more your female libido is lowered until you completely lose interest.

If financial issues are preventing you or your partner from setting out a date night at a restaurant then you can shift the meeting to his place or your place. Your dining area or your kitchen table can be an ideal place of meeting.

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