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Sex Drive Stealer: You're Nursing

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Every woman wants to have adorable babies, and without a strong female libido, you would enjoy the pleasure or desires of intimacies with your partner that will result in a pregnancy. If you have your baby few months ago, your body pregnancy weight should have been gone and you should be able to get your female libido back. If your sex drive has not returned even months after you had a baby, then you need to think about it and ensure it returns back.

If you are still nursing a baby, you may probably blame your breast for your low sex drive. According to experts, Prolactin- the hormone in females that is responsible for lactation will usually reduce female libido for a while, because it reduces the secretion of testosterone and estrogen- two female sex hormones, this issue can result in vaginal dryness an a very low sex drive. The good news about this is that it only last for few weeks or months and your body will start secreting the required amount of sex hormones at the optimal level.

Dealing with female libido and Nursing

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Investing in the health of your baby is quite important, however, you should work on your female libido also, while you are still nursing that bundle of joy. Keep in mind that nursing is only temporary; hence you must not allow it to kill your sex drive permanently. You are not going to breastfeed a baby forever, and experts suggest that you should consider using lots of lubricant, especially when lactation is causing vaginal dryness. You don’t have to feel frustrated at the fact that your body will slowly respond to being sexual aroused while you are nursing a baby, with consistency , you will get used to it and get your sex drive back.

It is believed that nursing a baby , will reduce the frequencies at which you have sex , but medical expert believe that a woman’s body should heal completely after few months and should be ready to get intimate with her partner once again. While it could be dangerous for a lactating mother to start taking hormone supplements to increase the levels of estrogen and testosterone, dietary changes however can be made because they are safer alternatives. Nursing women can increase their female libido by eating healthy, especially foods that contain essential minerals, Vitamins, and amino acids, in addition to Proteins.

There are a number of other foods and products containing sex enhancement herbal products, these ingredients include; Fenugreek, and Tea tree extracts – two herbal ingredients known to boost female libido and sustain a longer sex session. You will need to contact your personal physician before you take these over-the-counter medications in order to avoid any possible side effects.

As a nursing mother, nothing should stop you from enjoying a fulfilling intimacy with your partner even while you are still nursing; it all depends on communication between you and your partner and making changes to your health routine.

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