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Sex Drive Stealer: Messy Bedroom

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Age, stress, anxiety, depression and health related issues are not the only stealers of female libido; even minor issues such as messy bedrooms can put partners off sex. Normally , most women will want to rip their boyfriends’ clothes off and get busy with them in bed immediately, and when your partner always tell you “ Please not tonight” then you need to consider turning your bedroom around, especially if it always contains pieces of clothes, electronic gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, even when you TV is on. Messy bedroom is one of the reasons why many men often avoid making love to their partner’s right in their matrimonial bed.

According to relationship experts, messy bedrooms are some of the most prominent reasons most women suffer from low female libido- the reason being that messy bedrooms produce cognitive distractions, and this simply means, when women are in a messy environment, they find it difficult to concentrate on their partner. Messy bedrooms upset women’s level of calmness and such can make sexual intercourse much harder for them. Messy bedrooms do not affect males like it affects women, as most women want their men to be clean, just the way they want their bedrooms to be neat and tidy.

It should not take a long time to tidy up your bedroom as a man, it will even be better if you do it every day when you are still single. While women find it easier to tidy up their bedrooms quite often, men are quite disorganized and they only do so when there is need to

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Dealing with a messy bedroom

If messy bedroom is the cause of female libido, then you need to create some time out of your busy schedules to tidy things up. Make sure you spend an afternoon to tidy up the clutter, or any other distracting things in your bedroom. Try as much as possible to keep all clutters to the barest minimum, if you can’t remove everything. To reduce your chances of suffering from female libido, and add more fun to your bedroom play, try as much as possible to invest in some new bed sheets , choose the right color, and design to produce some calming atmosphere. Try as much as possible to get some romantic candles. Making small changes like de-cluttering your messing bedroom and changing bed sheets, curtains and getting some romantic candles can go a long way to boost sex drive in women.

In addition to de-cluttering your bedroom, it is important you have drawers where you can keep your devices; these include smartphones, tablets or laptops. Make sure the TV in your room is switched off or remove when it is time to spend that special time with your partner. Having a spacious bedroom with ideal lighting and ventilation is also important, alongside a non-messy arrangement; hence you should consider installing some ambient lighting that makes the bedroom cozy and more romantic in the night. A messy bedroom will not only reduce female libido, it can also lead to injuries when having fun.

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