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Sex Drive Stealer: Drink Too Much

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Just like they say “Too much of anything is bad”, too much of alcohol can actually damage Female libido. Females are not the only ones who suffer from low sex drive as a result of excessive alcohol, males do suffer low sex drive when they take too much of whiskey, brandy, and even beer. It is believed that even a small glass of alcohol can cause a significant drop in Female libido. Whenever you throw too many glasses of alcohol, the levels of your sex hormones may decrease significantly, especially when you take more than one glass of alcohol. Alcohol is regarded as a depressant; hence it relaxes your muscles beyond normal.

Normally, female libido decreases with age, many experts believe that sexual appetite may decrease by as much as 12% by the age of 40, and by almost 18% at the age of 59. Women who drink alcohol excessively may further lower their sex drive. In males, alcohol abuse can lead to erectile dysfunction, most especially the inability to maintain erection for long. Both men and women who abuse alcohol will normally find it harder to achieve orgasm. Aside from reduced Female libido, women who abuse alcohol can also have reduced lubrication; hence they may find themselves having less intense or slow orgasm.

Many women believe that alcohol is an aphrodisiac; however, the abuse of such can trigger a sharp decline in sex drive. When alcohol abuse becomes a permanent issue, then a victim may become permanently impotent. Excessive alcohol consumption may also cause damages to your reproductive health, especially when you are planning to get pregnant. Menstrual and fertility problems have been linked with alcohol abuse.

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How to stop drinking too much and get your female libido back

There are several ways of cutting back on excessive alcohol consumption and getting back your Female libido. Try as much as possible to organize romantic night-outs with your man, at places where non-alcoholic beverages are served. Rather than fighting your partner about his drinking problem, you should acknowledge the fact that both of you need to sort out the problems so that you can get your female libido back, try and compliment your partner by making him see the positive changes he is going through when he cuts back on his alcohol consumption.

Try as much as possible to eliminate alcoholic beverages from the refrigerator, since it is popularly believed that “out of sight is out of mind”, hence you can take his mind off the consumption of alcohol by eliminating it from your shopping lists. Secondly you should have a regular routine exercise with your partner in order to rejuvenate your bodies and eliminate the effect alcohol has had on you.

Get some detox plan, if you really want to get your female libido back. Detoxifying your body will not only strengthen your sex drive, it will also remove the residues of alcohol from your system and help restore your health to its optimal state.

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