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Sex Drive Stealer: Popping Other Pharmies

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Antidepressants are not the only culprits when it comes to low female libido, there are countless numbers of other medications that can also cause low sex drive. High blood pressure medications, arthritis medications, sleep aids, and birth control pills are just few of the number of medications that have been linked with low female libido. You need to ask your doctor the possibilities of staying off some of the regular daily medications you take or at least decrease the frequencies of using such medications- this step will help reduce their amounts in your blood stream.

Medications that boost your mood by increasing the secretion of Serotonin are known to cause low female libido. Antidepressants are not the only drugs that increase the uptake of Serotonin inhibitors. Tricyclic antidepressants recommended for the treatment of nerve pains that are associated with shingles, have been linked with decreased sex drive. Birth control pills or oral contraceptives. Some drugs such as Proscar, used in the treatment of enlarged prostrate have also been linked with low sex drive- some of the contents in such medications prevent the conversion of testosterone to their pure natural form, and lower testosterone have been linked with low male libido.

Just like drugs used in treating enlarged prostrates, certain medications used in the treatment of hair loss in men have also been found to lower sex drive. More than 5% of men who use hair loss treatment medication also witness some sexually-related side effects due to a decrease level of testosterone hormones. Certain Anti-allergy medications such as anti-histamine can last in the blood for 24 hours, they are also linked with low female libido, hence they need to be carefully taken. There are certain cough and cold medicines that must not be taken frequently in order to avoid low sex drive symptoms, these are drugs that many adults get addicted to especially during the cold winter seasons.

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Dealing with Pharmies and boosting female libido

Researches has shown that women who perform some regular cardio or strength training about an hour or couple of hours before getting intimate with their partners can boost their sex drive tremendously. If you take birth control pills, you can switch to non-hormonal contraceptives (IUDs). You may also consider diaphragms and condoms in place of contraceptives. You may have to discontinue certain medications in order to restore your female libido, or at least reduce your dependence on such medications. For anti-allergic medications, it is important that you time your ingestion of such drugs or try to stay away for a couple of days at a time.

If you are into medicinal marijuana, you need to be careful because Pot , has been found to lower female libido, even though medicinal marijuana has been found to be helpful in many ways especially in preventing some forms of cancer. One of the best possible ways to reduce low sex drive caused by medications is to reduce reliance on such drugs, and if possible you should stop using medications that are not necessary.

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