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Sex Drive Stealer: Don’t Get Enough Shuteye

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Not getting enough sleep can cause several other problems that can lead to low female libido in females. Most workaholic women report lack of sex drive, and lack of sleep can make you foggy and grumpy always. Sleep deprivation has been linked with decrease in the secretion of certain hormones and such include estrogen and testosterone- two hormones that help boost libido in men and women. Lack of sleep does not only kill sex drive, it can also result in poor performance at work, school or social engagements.

Getting enough sleep is important to get your body function at its highest level. When you don’t have enough sleep, you will be too tired to have sex, likewise you may end up finding it hard to climax in bed. Experts suggest that a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day is good enough to revitalize the body and put it in position to perform at its optimal levels.

Sleep deprivation is cost world governments and organization lots of money as such problem reduce productivity and cause low quality of life. Aside causing low female libido, lack of sleep have been linked with millions of auto crashes every year, on the roads, hence it is one of the most serious problems faced today. Sleep plays a vital role in thinking and functioning, and when lack of sleep weighs your body down, your cognitive functioning will be affected in many ways; your mental alertness will depreciate, and you will suffer from lack of concentration and ability to reason and resolve problems.

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Sleep deprivation does not only lead to low female libido, it can trigger a number of other problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and Insomnia- all these problems can cause low sex drive.

How to deal with lack of sleep, and get your libido back

The best possible way to get enough sleep and rev up your female libido is to make adequate plans to sleep for at least 8 hours a day. If you are not getting enough sleep in the night, then you should make plans to take an hour or two naps a day – it rejuvenates your body and makes you perform at your optimum best.

If you always bring some work home from office, you need to finish them on time before bed time, otherwise, you may end up sleeping late. You should aim at completing all extra office work as well as cooking and other home chores at least 2 hours before bed time, this will help you relax a while and prepare your body to go to bed.

You need to consider having healthier food choices, especially your supper. If you take soda or any other beverage containing caffeine in the night, you may end up going to the toilet all through the night and that can badly affect your sleep pattern. Make sure you don’t consume caffeine in soda or coffee later than 12 noon, if you want to sleep soundly and protect your female libido.

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