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Sex Drive Stealer: Poor Body Image

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Most women want perfect gorgeous bodies, and when they struggle to achieve that body, their seem to allow low self-esteem to take control. It is true that not having a gorgeous body can mess up female libido, however, it should be seen as a mere psychological issue. The connection between the brain and the body play an integral part in our sexual desires and abilities to perform sexually in bed, hence if you allow a negative thoughts inside your brain, especially about your body, then your sex drive will be negatively impacted and such impacts can translate into your bedroom life.

Boosting your self-confidence is important because it helps you retain a perfect sex drive. When you are not confident about your body, you will always want to hide some parts of your body from your partner, and you may not feel comfortable having intercourse while the light is on.

Dealing with poor body image

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There are quite a number of ways you can boost your self-confidence and boost your female libido without stress.

  • Acknowledge your body image and stop talking about being fat – women are notorious for speaking about body images, and the weight obsession is messing things up. Women often engage in conversations especially when comparing themselves and trying to know who is fatter than others. You need to stop engaging in this “Fat talk” if you don’t want to damage your female libido.
  • Focus on putting up great action before appearance- You need to pay more attention on boosting your female libido before talking about your appearance. If your partner is impressed by your sexual prowess, he wouldn’t care about your body image. When you talk and think more about how awesome you are in bed, you will worry less about your body image.
  • Engage in some workouts- There are several stretching and body toning exercises that can help you re-shape your body. The use of elliptical equipment, for instance can help reduce stomach fat and help tone up your arms and leg muscles. You can also consider changing your diets or make use of certain body enhancement pills that are recommended and safe for you- you should consider talking to a physician before you start taking body enhancement pills. If you are noticing some side effects while using certain weight loss pills then you must discontinue its usage.
  • Hold yourself in high esteem- If you do not learn to hold yourself in high esteem before people, they will not hold you in high esteem. You need to love yourself and others will love you, hence if you talk about your being fat, then people will capitalize on that and make you feel bad about your body. Your female libido does not have to depend on how gorgeous you are but how well you can perform sexually with your partner. There are many overweight women who are more sexually active than skinny women, it all depends on the psychological state of mind and not the frame of the body.

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