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Sex Drive Stealer: Edamame

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The type of food you eat may determine your female libido levels. Eating the right type of foods that can provide you the essential Proteins, amino acids and minerals can help boost your sex hormones level and boost your mood to get intimate with your partner, whereas, some libido killing foods such as Edamame have been found to inhibit your sexual desires. Despite the fact that many foods such as Edamame provide an ample of health benefits for the body, their prolonged consumption may cause serious decline in female libido.

Edamame are rich in Phyto-estrogens, and has been used especially by many Japanese porn stars to boost their libido for many years , however , new researches have shown that prolonged consumption of the food can cause long term damages to sex drive and may even result in certain sexual dysfunctions such as delayed ejaculation. The Phyto-estrogens in Edamame have been found to disrupt the balance of certain sex hormones such as Estrogen and testosterone, and based on dietary guidelines and researches, it has been discovered that , consuming more than 25grams of Edamame can be potentially dangerous for female libido.

If your date night outs will involve the consumption of Sushi, then you will have to order appetizers cautiously because many Sushi recipes include certain female libido inhabitants like Edamame. One small serving of Edamame has been found to produce more effects than a bowl of Soy beans and it is believed that more than 90% of Edamame are genetically modified.

According to a US Journal of food , a high level of soy or other similar foods such as Edamame in a woman’s body can decrease female libido by as much as 40% , especially through the sharp decrease in female sex hormones. Foods like soy and Edamame can also reduce a female ovarian function, and that could cause a serious decline in fertility. It is suggested by experts that both females and males must reduce their consumption of Edamame or related foods like soy by half or consume such foods less than twice a week.

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Dealing with sex drive stealing foods like Edamame

If you enjoy taking appetizers especially during those romantic night outs with your partner then you must consider your choices wisely. Make sure you choose appetizers contain as little Edamame as possible or if possible you should consider avoiding menus containing the food.

If you have been consuming foods like Edamame for so long, you should consider going for a detox, most especially if you have consumed the food for years. Detoxifying your system can help you remove the residues of the food from your body and restore the balance between your female hormones while boosting your female libido.

Instead of taking delicious Edamame, you should consider some healthier alternatives that will not ruin your female libido. If you must eat foods like Edamame, then you should eat them probably few days before you get intimate with your partner to avoid the foods messing with your sex drive.

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