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Sex Drive Stealer: IVF

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IVF treatment is a fertility treatment and involves a process whereby eggs are removed from a woman’s ovaries, with sperm obtained from a male, within a special sterilized dish-fertilization of the female eggs take place inside the dish through a process referred to as “In-vitro”. This is one of the artificial sterilization procedures that have been practiced safely since 1978, however the effect of such practices on the female libido has just been discovered. This process is carried out in the laboratory and has been found to be very effective in helping couples with infertility problems raise children.

Women who undergo IVF operations have been reported to experience lower sex drive and also felt less satisfied by their partners. It has been confirmed through various follow-up researches that the stress that these women pass through might have contributed to the low female libido experienced. It is believed that many women who undergo IVF may also find it hard to achieve orgasm and may be susceptible to certain forms of injuries when having sexual intercourse. Researches have also indicated that the longer the IVF procedure continues, the more prolonged the systems become.

Sex is designed for pleasure and reproduction and that is why your sex drive must be high to achieve both. New researches have indicated that some couples who go through IVF often feel like they have been subjected to scientific experiments, and such psychological belief may affect their sex drives. Many couples see IVF as un-romantic and regimented, and their relationships may suffer from such. Rather than couples enjoying the intercourse process, they start thinking that their love-making are pressured.

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Many women who think that IVF is the cause of female libido are only suffering from sexual performance anxiety, hence IVF is not a procedure that should cause panic. Some women are allergic to anything that is mechanical and scientific, hence they allow the trauma of IVF to haunt them and prevent them from achieving their sexual pleasures.

Dealing with post-IVF effects on Female libido

If you think your low female libido is caused by IVF, then you should consider taking some techniques that can help you manage stress. It is believed that sex hormones of women change drastically during IVF treatments, however the psychological trauma that cause low female libido can be managed better through stress management techniques such as Yoga or any other meditation steps. The change in female hormones during IVF results in lack or reduced of sexual desires. Some IVF operations may also be linked with some irregular menstrual cycles and this could be due to fluctuating hormone levels.

Whether you are passing through IVF or not, your sex drive should not be affected, if you can get your mind right. If hormonal imbalances occur as a result of IVF, medical doctors may recommend some hormone supplements to create a hormonal balance in the IVF patients. As a woman, you need to be open-minded towards IVF operations, since it does not cause any hurt to your body or reproductive organs.

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