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Sex Drive Stealer: Parenting

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From depression to anger, stress and anxiety, parents often find many excuses for not fulfilling their sexual desires. If physical issues such as parenting is the cause for your low female libido then you need to make some basic changes to your lifestyle so that your intimate relationship can be taken back to a healthy state. There are numerous psychological and physiological factors that parents suffer from when raising kids and such may lead not only to low sex rive but other problems such as sexual dysfunction and hormonal imbalances.

Many parents do complain about not having enough time to deal with their kids’ issues, they simply have little or no time after work or the kids are just too stubborn to cope with. Many parents above the age of 40 have reported decline in their sex drives when they are raising kids, however what they don’t understand that issues of parenting can be managed through adequate knowledge and the use of certain techniques that has been proven to be effective.

Menopause is one of the stages most parents may have to pass through and such issue can cause low Female libido. The reduction sexual hormone levels may cause problems such as vaginal dryness, or some forms of pain during sexual intercourse. Aside menopause, many parents may suffer from sleep apnea as they try to balance work with social obligations and raising kids. Lack of sleep can cause low female libido because some stress hormone- Cortisol are normally produced in much larger quantities when lack of sleep sets in.

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Depression is another problem many parent faced and it could be a leading cause of low female libido even though many mothers try to take anti-depressant drugs just to deal with the issue. Reduced interest in sex is a popular issue with parents especially when they reach their mid-40s. Taking anti-depressants to deal with depression can further destroy Female libido, hence you need to be careful.

Dealing with the effects of Parenting on Female libido

Parenting could be a tough job because it can physically and mentally demanding and it can also lower sex drive, especially when you are still nursing an infant and you still have to take care of the younger kids. You should consider hiring a part time house help or maid in order to reduce the pressure of parenting on your female libido. With a house help, you will find enough time to spend with your spouse and get back your sex drive.

Adequate planning is another step you should consider in getting your female libido back on track as a parent. You can plan your intimacy time when your kids are asleep or while they are doing their homework, watching TV or eating, this plan will help you enjoy your spare time while they are busy. It is ideal to plan your house chores with your kids, you should teach them how they can help complete some of the regular chores, hence they will remain active while you are busy and can retire to bed at the same time.

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