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Sex Drive Stealer: Stress

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Almost everyone suffer from stress at one time or the other and most researches have concluded that Stress, age and illnesses are the primary reasons for low female libido in most women. In a recent study conducted on some Post-menopausal women suffering from low sex drive, Stress was the commonest reason mentioned for low female libido, and more than 60% of the participants in the research confessed that stress factors made their sex drive worse.

Stress comes in diverse forms , we can get stressed at work, from our social obligations, through transport from one place to another and even from colleagues and kids. The way you manage stress will determine how much you can prevent it from affecting your sex drive, hence you need to have a way of creating a balance otherwise stress will take absolute control of your life. Stress does not only destroy sex drive, it has been linked with a number of other diseases, as a matter of fact, stress can cause you to eat unhealthy junk foods that can further wreak havoc on your low sex drive.

Dealing with stress and revving up your sex drive

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The best possible way to deal with stress and prevent it from affecting your female libido is to have an effective stress management system. You need to understand how your body works and when it tells you that you are being stressed. Doing a little too much at a time can add up quickly, hence you need to delegate different times at which you handle different obligations. If possible, try and delegate some of your duties to colleagues and friends who are competent enough to handle them, this will help relieve the pressure on you.

Do not engage in the habit of using food to deal with stress. If you eat every junk food you find on the road because you are too stressed to prepare healthy food, then you must stop it. You need to create some time to prepare healthy foods you can eat even while you are busy with work.

Create some time to engage in body- rejuvenating exercises such as massage and Yoga- these activities will help relieve stress even when practiced for as little as 30 minutes a week. Body rejuvenating techniques help provide succor to damaged tissues of the body and will also help enhance your female libido. The more you allow stress to build in your body, the more damages it can cause on your sex drive.

If possible, try as much as possible to avoid stressful conditions, whether at work, while transporting or when meeting up with your social responsibilities. Set aside some time to have intimate night outs with your partner and you will be amazed how quickly you can get back your female libido. Stress is a psychological issue that must be dealt with, if you want your sex drive to remain intact. Stress is a gradual killer of sex drive, and it can also cause significant damages to your overall health.

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