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Sex Drive Stealer: Depression

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Just like stress, depression has been found to be another major killer of female libido. It is common to find that most people who suffer from stress , also suffer from depression, however , both problems can be dealt with similarly . In a recent survey, it was discovered that more than 70% of untreated depressed patients suffered from low sex drive. Low sex drive linked with depression is more prominent among women who have reached the menopausal age.

While medications can be used in dealing with depression effectively, the long term usage of such medication may trigger some other medical conditions that can alter female libido. Just like anxiety and stress, depression can also come in diverse forms. Women who faced depression because they lost their jobs or couldn’t meet up with some financial obligations reported that they suffered low female libido at one time or the other.

Depression can cause an individual to start indulging in unhealthy habits such as substance abuses, excessive alcohol consumption, and unhealthy eating habits. The earlier you deal with depression, the earlier you can get back your female libido and even restore your health in general.

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Dealing with depression and boosting your female libido

In most cases, the best possible way to deal with depression is to deal with the underlying condition. If you depression is caused by financial problems caused by loss of job , then you need to get another job or have a residual income generating opportunity so that you can complement income made from your regular job. If sickness is the cause of your depression, you need to speak to a physician on how you can treat such issues or plan a way to cope or deal with it if it is an incurable sickness. If the death of a loved one is the cause of your depression, you need to speak to a psychologist instead of using alcohol, food and other substances to relieve yourself.

You need to tell yourself that irrational behaviour cannot cure your depression; the only way you can deal with it is to have a strong mind and take a step at a time towards the elimination of the cause of your depression. Depression does not only destroy female libido, it takes your pleasurable life away from you because you will end up withdrawing from your social cycles and you wouldn’t be able to concentrate at work or school. If you are depressed, you will find it easy to transfer your anger on your partner, or family members and that can cost you your friendship.

If depression has affected your female libido extremely bad, you may need to get some medications to deal with the situation, however, you should arrange with your doctor so that you don’t have to use such medications for a very long time to avoid the possible side effects and addition. Recommended medications for depression treatments must be taken on low doses only, and must be discontinued once the patient has returned to his or her normal healthy state.

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